The City May Not Sleep But You Will

Spring and Summer offer the best chance for enrolled visiting students to live in NYU housing. You may indicate an interest on our admissions application and will receive more detailed information about the application process. During Fall and January terms, housing is not available for visiting students and if you're taking classes during those semesters, you should prepare to live off campus.

Our residence halls offer a stimulating and supportive environment where you can be part of a vibrant community. Depending on availability housing options include apartment-style buildings with suite-style bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen with appliances or traditional-style residence halls. Most residence halls are located approximately 15 to 30 minutes walking distance from historic Washington Square Park, the center of NYU's Greenwich Village campus.

Is there an additional cost for housing?

Yes. If you wish to live in university housing, you should be prepared to cover the additional cost. Rates for housing vary depending on which term you will be studying at NYU, which residence hall you reside in, and for how long you will be staying on campus. Visiting students residing in on-campus housing are also required to enroll in a meal plan, which will add to the costs of living on-campus. For a full breakdown of housing costs, please visit NYU Residential Life.  Meal plan rates can be found on the NYU Dining website.

How do I apply for housing?

Just indicate your interest on your application! Once you have been admitted, we will email you instructions on how to apply for housing if housing is available.

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Dining at NYU

Whether you live on or off-campus you can select to have a meal plan. With Nearly 20 locations you can use your meal plan to grab a meal to-go on your way to class or catch up with friends on a Friday night. Meal plan options vary depending on the term you choose study at NYU.

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