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Registration Requirements (Credit/Unit Minimums and Maximums)

Visiting students may be part-time or full time and do not have a minimum credit requirement to participate in the program. Each course at NYU is worth a set number of credits (or units).  When deciding on which courses you want to take, keep in mind the registration requirements.

International students receiving their visa through NYU must be enrolled full-time.

Selecting Courses

Visiting students may take undergraduate-level courses in any NYU school provided there is space available in the class and they meet any prerequisites or other course requirements. Students may browse the course list in Albert and use the menu to filter classes by term. Your advisors have created a helpful tutorial on how to read the course search to learn more about each class.

Students can register for their courses online in Albert approximately 24 hours after accepting their admission offer. Note: A student’s academic background does not transfer into NYU record upon visiting student admission. Visiting students have no major while at NYU and no academic history in Albert.

  • Guides on how to register in Albert are available on the NYU Registrar website.
  • Seats in courses are first-come, first-serve. The earlier you register for courses, the greater your chance of getting a seat. Note: Fall and spring visiting students register for classes after NYU degree students.
  • If you encounter a prerequisite or enrollment block when attempting to register for a course, please fill out a course enrollment request form.  Your academic advisors will work with the school or department of the course to have your academic background reviewed for registration approval. You must be logged into your NYU email to access the form.
  • If the course you wish to take is full, you can register for the wait list.
The enrollment process for on-campus and online courses is the same. Course listings in Albert indicate the format in which each course is being taught. Please note whether the course in which you are interested is being offered online or on-campus before registering.

Here are some tips if your first-choice course is wait listed:

  • Choose an alternative course and register for that course first. Then, register for the wait listed course you want by setting up a swap function in Albert. If you later get off the wait list for the course you want, Albert will automatically drop your alternative course and add the wait listed course.
  • Wait lists are automatic. If students in the course drop their seats and space becomes available, Albert will add students to the course in the order of the wait list.  Albert does not email you if and when this happens. You must monitor your course registration in Albert to see if you ever get off a wait list.
  • It is not possible to predict your chances of getting into a wait listed course.  Students can add or drop courses in Albert through the start of each term. If and when you get off a wait list depends on the students currently in the course and whether or not they decide to drop. Because being wait listed does not guarantee you will get into the course, it is best to choose alternative courses so you have a back-up schedule.
  • You cannot attend a wait listed course. Only students registered in a class are allowed to attend, and the instructor cannot grant you permission get off the wait list and enroll in the class.

Stern School of Business Courses

Only Stern Open Access Courses are open to visiting students. Students must submit a course enrollment request form for any Stern course regardless of whether there are prerequisites.  Please note: Stern School of Business does not allow students who have completed an undergraduate degree to enroll in courses.

Tandon School of Engineering Courses

Students interested in taking courses at the Tandon School must submit a course enrollment request form. Space in Tandon courses is limited, and the Tandon School does not open classes to non-Tandon students until immediately prior to the start of class. Because of this, visiting students are encouraged to consider alternative courses in case they do not get into a Tandon course.

Tisch School of the Arts Courses

Tisch Undergraduate Film and TV (FMTV-UT) classes do not allow for  non-majors to enroll directly in Albert. To enroll in a Tisch Undergraduate film class you will need to utilize the procedure for non-majors enrollment request process.

We strongly recommend considering enrolling in classes in the Tisch Open Arts department. The entire department offers intensive classes in all the Tisch School of the Arts disciplines for non-major students.