classroom at NYU

Thousands Of Courses At Your Fingertips

At NYU, New York City is your classroom. Your economics class might take a trip to Wall Street to meet with business leaders and see the trading floor, or your art history professor might hold class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The countless opportunities at NYU are inextricably linked to the infinite possibilities of New York City.

Things to Remember When Exploring NYU Courses

  • Course Restrictions. As a visiting student you will be able to take courses that: are open to non-majors, have no pre-requisites OR have pre-requisites that you have met elsewhere. If admitted you will be expected to provide proof of successful pre-requisite completion. 
  • Undergraduate Opportunities. The course search buttons below will only show undergraduate courses. If you are interested in graduate level courses you will need to speak with the graduate admissions office of the school offering the course and follow their visiting student application process.
  • Enrollment is not Guaranteed. Visiting students who are admitted are not guaranteed enrollment in their course of interest. Students should consider alternate options in case a course is closed or has a waitlist.
  • Different Semesters, Different Options. Courses offered in one semester are not guaranteed to be offered in the following semester. When exploring the course selection ensure that you are looking at options for the semester you wish to enroll. 


Questions About Courses?

If you have questions about the content of a particular course or need a copy of a course syllabus to ensure the credits are transferrable, please contact the appropriate academic department for more information.

If you are having trouble enrolling in a course or reaching a particular department contact or call 212-998-2292 for assistance.

Non-Traditional Students

If you are a visiting student looking for an opportunity to participate in a certificate program or a second bachelor's degree, you may prefer to select one of the non-traditional options below. As with all our programs, you have access to world-class professors and all of NYU's student resources.