Keep Exploring NYU

You've clearly done your research and you’re eager to learn more. Check out the options below for opportunities to explore more about NYU as you get ready to apply!

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Ambassador Chats

Join our NYU ambassadors, current students, and resident campus experts, for an assortment of intimate conversations traversing all avenues of college life -- from making friends, to navigating the subway to dealing with tougher days. Get a head start on your college journey and learn why NYU is the right fit for you.

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NYU UnMuted

At NYU, we don't just walk the walk -- we talk the talk, too! Join us for our Unmuted series, where we discuss a variety of common and unconventional topics of interest to students from across the country and the globe. These sessions, led by Admissions Counselors, offer you an opportunity to explore NYU through many different perspectives, experiences and identities.

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Zoom in on... Series (Online)

Join us as we take a deeper dive into admissions, academics, and student life at NYU -- zoom in on a variety of topics, from how you'll craft your academic curriculum to NYU's communities across and beyond borders. Get a better understanding of what we're all about, and how to build a strong application!

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Navigating Your College Application (Online)

NYU Admissions Counselors share their tips for listing out your activities, answering the essay questions, and rounding up those letters of recommendations.  By the end, you’ll have a totally manageable checklist!  Just don’t forget to check that “Celebrate!” box at the end—you’ve earned it.