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Opportunity Programs: Romel


Name: Romel
Major: Psychology
Minors: Media, Culture, and Communications

What do you want to do after college as a career?
I would like to get some experience in business administration and management, in hopes of pursuing an MBA.

How has being in HEOP helped you find community and feel at home at NYU?
HEOP has helped me find a community, and made me feel at home by giving me access to a network of scholars who come from similar backgrounds either educationally, culturally, economically, or geographically. Meeting all of these people as an incoming freshman, instantly made me feel that I was surrounded by love. We all came here together – having been doubted, turned away, written off, and left behind – with the common goal to become the best people we could be. We understood each other, and we knew what each other needed whether it be spiritually, emotionally, or even socially. When you're surrounded by a number of students who have never had to face adversities similar to your own, it is easy to get lost and feel lonely, but HEOP has given me my home.

What academic support have you taken advantage of through HEOP and how has it helped you get an edge in your studies at NYU?
The first resource I began using were the workshops that were offered freshman year to help with my math courses. These courses helped me tremendously because coming into college I had a shaky base in mathematics so having the reinforcements while I was learning the concepts in class helped to solidify these concepts for me. I also used the Writing-Across-The-Curricula Resource Center (WAC) throughout my time here at NYU, which helped me better develop my grammar. Being able to get feedback on a wide range of types of writing (science, English, research, public relations, etc.) has further developed me as a writer. Lastly, I also utilized the one-on-one tutoring hours that OP offers to each student which allowed me to get more one-on-one attention on concepts that I did not understand outside of the limited time you could get with a professor.

How has being a part of HEOP helped you prepare for life after college?
Most importantly, HEOP has helped me find my self-confidence, and has helped me to develop confidence in my own abilities. I now have confidence in my ability to be able to overcome a challenge; even when I may not have every component necessary to be successful, I am more resourceful and able to advocate for myself and what I need.

Opportunity Programs has become one of my biggest sources of motivation. From the directors, to the administrative assistants, to the counselors, to the students, to the instructors, everyone in the program encourages me and is willing to help me in any way possible.