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Yi Yi Yeap, 2017


Journalism and global public health with a concentration in anthropology

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Sydney Pereira, a junior from Virginia who grew up in Georgia, has quite a lot on her plate. Between double majoring, studying abroad, participating in a marketing internship, writing articles that got picked up by USA Today College, and swimming for NYU’s varsity team, her days are full—but that’s not uncommon for an NYU student. For Sydney, though, staying balanced is key, and she does that with the help of friends, teammates, and mentors who keep her focused on her priorities.

You’ve moved around a lot in the last few years—from Georgia to New York City, and now you’re studying at NYU Buenos Aires. What do you do to feel at home in a new place?

The first thing I do is find something that puts me at ease. During my first year in New York City, I found peace in something as simple as sitting in Washington Square Park with friends or singing and playing the ukulele with my roommates. In Buenos Aires, I found a yoga studio that gives classes in English, and I’ve met people who have graduated from college and are now living and working abroad. It’s been enlightening to hear how they found their way to Argentina.

It seems like finding the right people helps you settle in. Is that also an important part of why you loved being on the swim team?

Definitely. Many of my friends were on the team, and having a group of people who understand the emotional and physical demands of swimming is so important. Being with your closest friends made the 6:30 a.m. practices, winter training, and swim meets four weekends in a row 10 times more fun.

Keeping it focused on people: What’s the best human interaction you’ve had in New York City?

It happened last spring on Sixth Avenue; I was standing on the corner and looked up to see an old man holding a giant bouquet of flowers. As we crossed the street, he told me he wanted me to have them. I was taken aback at first. I thought maybe it was a scam, but he seemed so genuine! He told me he didn’t have anyone to give the flowers to, so he wanted me to have them. I was touched beyond belief.