We heart New York

If you haven’t visited New York before, you might be wondering...

Is it really the city that never sleeps?

Just about. Our subway runs 24 hours and you can get anything from empanadas to a haircut day or night.

Is the pizza that good?

Best in the world. Same for the bagels. (Pizza protip: Juliana’s near our Brooklyn campus is a legend in the making.)

What’s this “Brooklyn” place all about anyway?

An amazingly diverse borough (one third of residents were born in another country) 10 minutes by subway from Manhattan. It’s an arts, food, and tech capital.

Is New York expensive?

It can be. But there are many deals waiting to be found. Living here will help you become resourceful, a skill you’ll rely on for life.

Is it safe?

The Economist ranked New York the 10th safest city in the world in a 2015 study, and the New York Police Department is 34,500 officers strong.

Did You Know?

New York is famous for cultural institutions like the Museum of Modern Art, an epic sports rivalry, and the setting of some of literature’s best novels.

Icons representing New York City

A few things we're not as well known for:

  • There are more undergraduate and graduate students in New York City than Boston has people.
  • The price of a slice of pizza and the cost of a subway ride has been nearly equal for the past 50 years.
  • NYC's 520-mile coastline is longer than those of Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco combined.

Start discovering more about New York:

Need a Break? Get Away In …

...1.5 hours by train to Beacon, a small city along the Hudson River with a thriving arts community. The contemporary museum Dia:Beacon is a must visit.

...3 hours by bus to the Catskills. Made famous by Dirty Dancing, this region is experiencing a renaissance. From hiking to tubing to sampling local produce, there’s a lot to do.

...3.5 hours by train to Providence, Rhode Island. Charming, historic, and artistic, Providence is the capital of America’s smallest state.

More to Explore

  • New York’s many state parks and beaches
  • Boston and Washington, D.C. (around 5 hours by bus or train)
  • Philadelphia (2 hours by bus or train)
  • The New Jersey Shore’s 130 miles of white-sand coastline. Get there by train from Penn Station, a short subway ride from campus.

Getting Around

As a student, you’ll have plenty of options:

For information about how to get to NYU when visiting campus, consult our Getting to NYU guide.