Courses Required to Internally Transfer to Stern

If you wish to transfer into the sophomore year at Stern, you should have completed the following:

If you wish to transfer into the junior year at Stern, you should have completed following:

Completion of these courses is required for the application but there is no guarantee that all courses will count toward graduation from Stern. Additionally, depending on your current school/college, you may not have access to all of the courses listed under each category. Please speak with your advisor to better understand your options. Lastly, this list is not exhaustive. Please be in touch if you have questions about a course that you believe meets one of the requirements below that is not already included below.

Writing and Composition: 

Courses that fulfill “Writing and Composition” prerequisite are equivalent to your current NYU college’s writing requirement.


Courses that fulfill “Calculus I or higher” prerequisite are one of the following:

  • College of Arts and Science
    • MATH-UA 121 Calculus I (MATH-UA 9121 if taken abroad)
    • MATH-UA 122 Calculus II (MATH-UA 9122 if taken abroad)
    • MATH-UA 123 Calculus III (MATH-UA 9123 if taken abroad)
    • MATH-UA 140 Linear Algebra (MATH-UA 9140 if taken abroad)
    • Math UA-132 (formerly Math UA-212) Math for Economics II or higher
    • MATH-UA 221 Honors Calculus I
  • Tandon School of Engineering
    • MA-UY 1124 Calculus II for Engineers
    • MA-UY 1424 Integrated Calculus II for Engineers
    • MA-UY 1154 Calculus II with Precalculus
  • NYU Abu Dhabi
    • MATH-UH 1012Q 
    • MATH-UH 1013Q
  • NYU Shanghai
    • MATH-SHU 121 Calculus I
    • MATH-SHU 131 Calculus 
    • MATH-SHU 201 Honors Calculus
  • Advanced Credit
    • 4 or 5 on AP BC Calculus (AB is NOT acceptable) 
    • 6 or 7 on IB HL Math (or Future Maths, Analysis & Approaches or Applications & Interpretations)
    • A or B on GCE A-Level Math
    • 12 or higher (coefficient of 16 or higher) on French Baccalaureate Math

Statistics and Regression:

Courses that fulfill the Statistics prerequisite are one of the following:

  • STAT-UB 103 Statistics for Business Control and Regression/Forecasting Models (Stern)
  • BUSF-SHU 101 Statistics for Business & Economics (NYU Shanghai)
  • SOCSC-UH 1010Q Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences (NYU Abu Dhabi)
  • BOTH 1 from A and 1 from B:
    • A) One of the following:
      • STAT-UB 1 Statistics for Business Control (Stern)
      • ECON-UA 18 Statistics (CAS)
      • ECON-UA 20 Analytic Statistics (CAS)
      • MA-UY 2224 Data Analysis (Tandon)
      • MA-UY 2414 Basic Principles of Statistics for Social Sciences (Tandon)
      • MA-UY 4114 Applied Statistics (Tandon)
      • MA-UY 2054 Applied Business Data Analysis I (Tandon)
      • MATH-UA 234 Mathematical Statistics (CAS)
      • MATH-UA 235 Probability and Statistics (CAS)
      • POL-UA 800 Quantitative Methods in Political Science (CAS)
      • PSYCH-UA 10 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (CAS)
      • SOC-UA 302 Statistics for Social Research (CAS)
      • APSTA-UE 1085 Basic Statistics I (Steinhardt)
      • MATH1-UC 1172 Statistics Methods (SPS transfers ONLY)
      • MATH-SHU 235 Probability and Statistics (NYU Shanghai)
      • MATH-UH 2011Q Probability and Statistics (NYU Abu Dhabi)
      • 4 or 5 on AP Statistics
    • B) Plus one of the following:
      • STAT-UB 3 Regression and Forecasting Models (Stern)
      • ECON-UA 380 Topics in Econometrics (CAS)
      • ECON-UA 266 Introduction to Econometrics (CAS)
      • ECON-SHU 301 Econometrics (NYU Shanghai) 
      • SOCSC-UH 3220 Econometrics (NYU Abu Dhabi)


Courses that fulfill the Microeconomics prerequisite are:

  • ECON-UB 1 Microeconomics with Algebra (Stern)
  • ECON-UB 2 Microeconomic with Calculus (Stern)
  • ECON-UB 15 Competitive Analysis (Stern)
  • ECON-UA 2 Introduction to Microeconomics (CAS)
  • ECON-UA 10 (or 9010) Intermediate Microeconomics (CAS)
  • ECON-UA 11 Microeconomic Analysis (CAS)
  • ECII-UF 102 or ECII-UF 9102 Principles of Microeconomics (Liberal Studies) 
  • ECON-UC 302 Microeconomics (SPS Transfers ONLY) 
  • ECON-SHU 3 Microeconomics (NYU Shanghai)
  • ECON-SHU 10 Intermediate Microeconomics (NYU Shanghai)
  • ECON-UH 2010 Intermediate Microeconomics (NYU Abu Dhabi)
  • SOCSH-UH 1111 Markets (NYU Abu Dhabi)
  • 4 or 5 on AP Microeconomics
  • 6 or 7 on IB HL Economics
  • A or B on GCE A-level Economics

Financial Accounting:

Acceptable courses that fulfill the Financial Accounting prerequisite are:

  • ACCT-UB 1 Principles of Financial Accounting (Stern)
  • ACCT-UB 9001 Principles of Financial Accounting (select NYU study away sites)
  • MG-UY 2204 Financial Accounting (Tandon)
  • BUSN1-UC 171 Intermediate Accounting (SPS Transfers ONLY)
  • BUSF-SHU 250 Principles of Financial Accounting (NYU Shanghai)
  • BUSOR-UH 1501 Intro to Accounting (NYU Abu Dhabi)