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Since NYU is recognized throughout the world, our applicants — first-year and transfer alike — come from a variety of secondary school experiences. With that said, everyone is measured against the same admissions criteria.

To succeed at NYU, what should I have taken in high school?

We find students are best prepared for NYU if they’ve studied the following subjects:

  • English/Writing - 4 years
  • History/Social Studies - 3 to 4 years
  • Mathematics - 3 to 4 years
  • Laboratory Sciences - 3 to 4 years
  • Foreign Language - 3 to 4 years

Note: Our top applicants have taken demanding coursework in the above subjects for four years.

What should I submit to show I graduated from high school?

Submit any of the following documents to show you completed your secondary school education:

  • A final high school transcript (with date of graduation) submitted directly from your school.
  • Results from the General Education Development (GED) Test.
  • Original or officially certified copies of nationally recognized high school graduation examination results, such as the Advanced Level General Certificate of Education or the International Baccalaureate Diploma.
  • If you’re a homeschool student, a homeschool diploma; a certificate of completion of a homeschool program that is considered the equivalent of a high school diploma in your home state; or GED test results.

When should I submit my proof of graduation?

We understand that the ongoing challenges associated with COVID-19 have created significant interruptions to many students' education, and prolonged school closures may result in a delay in final transcripts or examination results being available. Please contact our office should you have any questions or concerns.

The deadline is July 1 of the year you plan to enroll. Extensions will only be granted to international students who attend schools that operate on a different academic calendar.

How do I submit my proof of graduation?

If you attended school in the United States: have your school submit your final transcripts through the Common Application. If sending hard copy materials, ensure they bear an official stamp and are signed by a school official. Have your school mail the documents in a sealed envelope to:

New York University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
383 Lafayette Street
New York, New York 10003

If your high school prefers email, it can send the documents to us at admissions.docs@nyu.edu. However, they must still bear an official stamp, come from a school official, and be sent from an official school email address.

If you attended high school outside of the United States, please follow the instructions on our Proof of Graduation webpage.