The following conditions will be employed - in consultation with the dean of the appropriate NYU school/college/campus - when the admissions committee makes a decision to offer admission to a particularly promising candidate with academic potential but academic credentials that are of concern to the admissions committee:

  1. The candidate must complete two courses of instruction at any one of NYU's campuses around the world. If financial hardship prevents a candidate from enrolling at an NYU campus, the admissions committee will consider requests to complete these two courses at another regionally accredited college or university.
  2. These courses cannot be taken online and instead must be taken with other college/university students and taught by a college/university faculty member.
  3. In consultation with the respective NYU school/college dean, the admissions committee may place more specific subject restrictions to remediate specific academic concerns or to fulfill prerequisites. In the absence of specific restrictions set by the admissions committee, candidates will be expected to complete two courses in mathematics, physical or natural sciences, foreign languages, the humanities, or social sciences.
  4. Both courses must be taken for a grade and the candidate must receive a B/3.0 or better in each course. A B- will not be acceptable, nor will a cumulative 3.0 average.
  5. Pass/Fail grades and independent study courses will not be acceptable.
  6. Candidates must understand that the admissions committee will make no guarantee that credit will be awarded for courses required to meet the conditions of admission. Credit policies are determined by each school/college at NYU. Some schools/colleges at NYU will give only elective credit for courses taken, while others may give no credit at all. As a result, candidates must reach out to the advising center at their respective school/college well in advance of course registration to secure advice on what courses will and will not count for credit after enrolling at NYU.
  7. Both courses must be completed by August 17 and an official transcript is due in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by August 20. Candidates who fail to meet the above conditions by August 20 will have their admission rescinded and will not be able to register for classes or move into their residence halls in late August.
  8. Each school/college dean at NYU reserves the additional right to place the candidate on academic probation upon arrival at NYU, even if the conditions noted above are met. This probation may last for the duration of the candidate's freshman year or may be lifted after the first semester. Failure to make satisfactory progress in good academic standing (typically defined as a 2.0 GPA) may result in dismissal from the University.