Tuition and Financial Aid


Tuition for January Term is based on the school offering the class. The average tuition for a 4-credit course is around $5,000 for undergraduate courses and $6,000 for graduate courses. Please refer to the Office of the Bursar website for the current January Term tuition costs per unit.

Financial Aid

Current NYU Students


NYU undergraduates at our New York campus who enroll for January Term (J-Term) either in New York or at an NYU Study Away site will automatically be reviewed for additional scholarship eligibility. No application is needed. The review will be based upon financial need and the number of credits the student is enrolled for in January. Students will be reviewed within a week after they register and will be notified via Albert accordingly. The amount of the scholarship awarded is based on a student's academic year scholarship and as such, students who do not have scholarship during the academic year are ineligible for J-Term scholarship consideration.

Federal Direct Loans and Pell Grant are available for J-Term enrollment. Credits for eligibility are based on the combined total of credits between the J-Term and the Spring Term. Students must be enrolled at least half time (6 credits or more) between the J-Term and Spring Term combined, or have at least a half time equivalency. Students will be reviewed for federal financial aid as long as they have a valid FAFSA on file, are enrolled for an appropriate amount of credits, and are otherwise eligible.

Students needing additional financial aid for J-Term will be able to seek out private educational loans. Students are encouraged to relay to their potential private lender the number of credits they will be taking, as some have minimum enrollment criteria. Private loan eligibility cannot exceed the cost of attendance for the January Term minus any other aid students may receive for the term. NYU cannot recommend or endorse any particular private lender. Students are encouraged to research their options carefully.

Students who change January Term enrollment or who do not attend in January will have their January award adjusted or cancelled.


Generally, grants/scholarships are not available to NYU graduate students for the January Term, although graduate students should consult with their school's student services office or financial aid contact if they have questions.

Visiting Students

NYU does not offer scholarship or grant funding for visiting students. If you are an NYU January Term visiting student, the following options may be available to you:

  • Consortium Agreement: If you are currently enrolled at another college or university, contact your home school's financial aid office to inquire about receiving aid from your school via a consortium agreement with NYU.
  • Private Loans: If you are not currently enrolled at another college or if your school will not authorize a consortium agreement, you may be eligible for private loans.

In addition, visiting non-NYU students who are receiving institutional scholarship or grant funds from their home school while attending January Term at NYU must notify New York University via the process below.

Financial Aid Processing for Visiting Students

  • Once the Office of University Programs receives your January Term Visiting Student Application, you will receive an email including your NYU ID number and a link to the January Term FA Information Form for Visiting Non-NYU Students.*
  • Submit your information form to NYU by the deadline of December 7th. Failure to do so may prevent your aid from being received by NYU in time for the start of the session.

*IMPORTANT: You must apply for loans and negotiate consortium agreements on your own. The January Term Financial Aid Application is used ONLY to alert NYU's Office of Financial Aid that external funding will be arriving—submitting this form does not mean you will be considered for aid. Please be sure to initiate consortium agreements with your home school or apply directly to lenders for a private loan and allow 3-4 weeks for processing.