Spend your summer as an NYU student! For six weeks, you can earn college credits, connect with NYU faculty and classmates, and discover passions that can shape your life.

As a Precollege student, you will be an NYU student with access to the resources, community, and global network that make NYU unique. If you already know what you want to major in, or if you want to try out a subject you've never studied before, NYU Precollege is the best way to develop your skills and prepare for college.

Program Dates:

July 5 - August 13

Application Deadline: June 24

The Summer 2021 Precollege application will be available on February 1.


Students currently in their 10th or 11th grade year may apply to NYU Precollege for the summer term.


Choose Your Courses

As a NYU Precollege student this summer, you will be able to choose from more than 100 undergraduate courses across all areas of academic study. Explore the archeological history of New York City, begin to master a foreign language, practice the art of journalism, explore engineering and design, or delve into business and finance. You can explore the course options offered to Precollege students during Summer 2020 at the link below; Summer 2021 courses will be available in March.

Precollege students can earn up to 8 credits (two classes) during the six-week summer term. In addition to credit-bearing courses, students can enroll in the non-credit College Writing Workshop (see more information below).

Learn more about the courses offered during Summer 2020 Precollege.

Events and Activities

Summer Precollege students can connect with their classmates at a series of virtual events and activities hosted by NYU. Movie nights, trivia, and cooking classes are just a few of the ways you can unwind and engage with our NYU Precollege community.

College 101

In addition to classes, Precollege students can participate in the College 101 workshop series, which offers training in essay writing, research, and other essential college skills. College 101 also prepares students for the college admissions process, providing guidance and tools to help them build a strong application.

Non-Credit Writing Workshop

Summer Precollege students have the option of taking a non-credit College Writing Workshop, a five-week course taught by NYU’s writing faculty. The workshop introduces students to college-level reading and writing techniques and helps them hone their research and writing skills. Past students have found the course to be an excellent supplement to their credit-bearing NYU courses, and the skills they develop enhance their high school and undergraduate studies.

Several sections are offered, including sections designed for international or domestic students with English as their second language. The course is graded pass/fail.

Special Summer Programs for Precollege Students

In addition to undergraduate courses, you can earn credits through academic programs tailored specifically for Precollege students. Explore these exclusive programs below.