Admission Application Requirements

International students are welcome to participate in NYU Precollege in person or online in summer.  In the fall and spring terms, international students are limited to online study.

English Language Testing

If English is not your native language, you may be asked to show your proficiency by taking a test and submitting test results by the aplication deadline. Information about which English language tests are accepted at NYU, minimum required scores, and how to submit test scores for your application, please visit the English Language Testing webpage

Visa Requirements

International students who want to enroll in NYU Precollege and attend in person in the summer will need a student visa. Please note that NYU does not allow students to attend under a B-1/B-2 visa or visa waiver (ESTA) for Precollege. International students must enroll under a F-1 visa. The I-20 Forms are sent after an admitted student has accepted their spot in the program.

Visit the NYU Office of Global Services (OGS) to learn more about international students requirements, and contact their office for specific visa-related questions at

It is important to allow plenty of time between admission and the start of the program to ensure that all visa steps are completed. As such, all international students must submit their application in full, including language proficiency scores, by the application deadline.

Summer international students attending NYU Precollege under a student visa are required to enroll in 6-8 credits total to meet the full-time study requirement of the visa.

NYU Precollege Admission Application Available February 1                 
International Admission Application Deadline March 15
1-20 Forms due to NYU Office of Global Services April 1