Students at move in day

NYU Precollege is college. At NYU Precollege you’ll experience what it means to manage your time as a college student between class, study groups, homework, and social activities. You’ll also learn how to live, work, and learn with an array of different people from different backgrounds. NYU has a host of support services to help you with your introductory experience as a college student!

As an NYU Precollege student, you have access to all the learning resources of the University and the surrounding city. Below, you will find a list of  facilities, resources, and technical assistance available to you through NYU.

NYU Campus

Directions to the Washington Square campus and Brooklyn campus are online. Most courses take place on the Washington Square campus. Tandon School of Engineering courses may take place at the Brooklyn campus, which is a short subway ride from the Washington Square campus. Most class  and program locations are within a 5-15 minute walking distance. Students are encouraged to download the NYU Mobile App, which includes a campus map. A map of campus is also available online.

NYC Transportation

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) operates the city’s network of subways and buses. To use public transportation in the city, students can purchase a MetroCard. There is an initial $1 cost for a new MetroCard. One ride on a bus or subway is $2.75. MetroCards may be purchased from kiosks or tellers in any subway station.  OMNY cards and tap-and-go using a credit or debit card are also options for students to pay for public transportation.