The Urban Journalism Workshop at New York University is designed to develop the next generation of great journalists. A diverse group of 20 high school juniors and seniors attending schools throughout the five boroughs of New York City or in nearby suburbs of the Tri-State metropolitan region (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut only) will come together to spend 10 days attending an intensive and rewarding journalism “boot-camp” held at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University.

The alumni of the NYU Urban Journalism Workshop, now numbering more than five hundred, have gone on to attend NYU and other leading universities including Harvard, Princeton, Georgetown, Swarthmore, Columbia, Cornell – and have gone on to distinguished journalism careers at major newspapers, magazines, online publications, radio, and television.

How to Apply

Students must be at least 16 years of age and live in the New York City metropolitan area to be eligible. The online application portal for the 2023 NYU Urban Journalism Workshop will be posted in late February 2023.

Who You'll Study With

Previous program professionals and guests have included: 

Deborah Berry: USA Today national correspondent and 2022-23 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University 

Juliana Kim: News Reporter at NPR and UJW alum. 

Lila King: Representative for Instagram’s News & Publishing Partnerships 

Mohmmed Bozzi: Executive Director of NYU Kevorkian Center on Near Eastern Studies & Journalist

Kaanita Iyer:
CNN Politics Associate Producer and former UJW alum.

Areas of Study

Journalism: The workshop is led by NYU journalism faculty and visiting professionals, who offer students hands-on training in reporting, news writing and multimedia journalism. The program also includes site visits to major newsrooms (CNN, New York Times, Bloomberg, VICE, ABC News) and the production of an online multimedia news site published on the last day of the workshop.

Student Life

Students are housed in NYU residential dorms during the entirety of their program. 

Student Testimonials

“That was an amazing workshop. I’ve taped my certificate on the wall and I know it’ll help me get through next year and later my undergrad years and push away my doubts and those of my family.”

“Those 10 days I spent at NYU that summer were in retrospect really ground-breaking for me. The workshop showed me that I could engage in intellectual matters and debate topics on a higher level. Most of all it gave me confidence that I have an informed opinion to express, and it is worthwhile enough for someone to want to hear it.”

“The Urban Journalism Summer Program at New York University is an experience all students should want to be a part of. Through the Urban Journalism Workshop, I learned how to craft a well-written article with my peers, socialize appropriately in a work environment, and manage my time. We spent our time at Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, learning about the Journalism workplace and what it takes to become an articulate writer. In our field of work, we visited multiple locations; Meta-Instagram, Paramount, and even employees from CNN and the New York Times. Speakers from similar professions offered us advice on taking Journalism, communicating the importance of dedication. The UJW experience is not only about hard work. It's about having fun in the sea of tasks. We all found time to enjoy our stay In Brittany Hall, whether it was playing Uno or sharing funny stories late afternoon. I had a wonderful experience at UJW and hope future students will appreciate it too.”  

Program Dates
July 17 - 26, 2023



Application Deadline:
June 1, 2023