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Movies that feature grad school and university life tend to feature Law School or Medical School, but not all students are geniuses or studying for a JD or MD, there are hundreds of programs available for everyone out there no matter your passion!


What "Legally Blonde" Teaches Us

Legally Blonde tries to show us that everyone who studies the same thing is the same person, when in actuality NYU has a vibrant student body with students coming from every part of the world adding to the school’s culture with individuality and enthusiasm.


A scene from legally blonde where we see students and a professor in a classroom

Legally Blonde tries to tell us that first impressions are important, but aren’t everything. Grad school is the time to find yourself. Everyone changes and can’t be expected to be the same for their entire life, especially when they are continuously growing from living and learning in a new city or setting.

A picture taken from legally blonde where we see the characters sitting in a park.

What "Good Will Hunting" Teaches Us

Good Will Hunting shows us that classes in grad school can be large and overwhelming in their expectations. In reality class sizes can range; I've been in classes with as few as 15 students. Regardless of class size, there isn’t a barrier between Professor and Student professional relationships. Get to know your classmates and professors so that no matter your class size you will feel comfortable in any environment.

A scene from, "Good Will Hunting," where students are in a lecture hall.

Good Will Hunting teaches us that Professors and other faculty can be great mentors and guide us in our career paths. As we see with Will and Sean, and Will and Professor Lambeau, there are many ways to have great and professional relationships with those who are there to teach us and help us navigate university. With many faculty at NYU being leading industry professionals, they are a great resource to network with and help guide you in the direction you are looking for.

A scene from, "Good Will Hunting," where two characters are hugging.

What "Accepted" Teaches Us

Accepted shows us that if the perfect program for you does not exist, it is okay to make one that does! At the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, you can create your perfect MA program if one does not already exist. As well, be creative in your course planning. Take electives that interest you and will guide you to the career path you are most passionate about and interested in. There are so many ways to cater your studies for the perfect grad school experience.

A scene from "Accepted," where two characters are writing about things they want to learn

What "Pitch Perfect" Teaches Us

Pitch Perfect shows us that getting involved in school activities is a great way to meet new people! Maybe acapella is not for you, but NYU offers over 300 clubs for every type of student interest. From school and academic based clubs, to the cheese club and superhero club, NYU has the perfect club for you.  

A scene from Pitch Perfect. We see three characters at a college fair talking.

Pitch Perfect also teaches us about finding your crew! You may not find your best friends on day 1, but they are out there. Talk to your classmates, explore your neighbourhood, and get involved! You may just find your next new friend.

A scene during "Pitch Perfect" of characters singing.

What "Monsters University" Teaches Us

Monsters University shows us that there is no ‘I’ in team. Like how Sulley and Mike competed at the scare games and their competition against each other to try and be the best almost got them both eliminated. This applies to university as group projects are bound to be required. Working together will always yield the best results as opposed to working alone. It is always better to do what is best for the team rather than just yourself.

A picture of two characters in the movie called, "Monsters University."

Monsters University also teaches us that everyone has different strengths. We get to see this in the movie when we learn that every monster has a different scare tactic. Instead of copying what another monster was doing and having it not work for them or have the same results, they figured out how to scare for themselves. We can see this in university as you cannot compare yourself to your classmates. We all have different learning styles and study habits and what may work best for one student may not always work for you. Try different habits until you find what works best!

A picture of two characters in the movie called, "Monsters University."

All of these movies show us that in grad school life, whether in the classroom or outside of it, it is important to be prepared but also be passionate about your studies and your future. No matter what you are studying, if you are new to the city or not, there are resources at your fingertips. So get out there and explore! Who knows, you may learn something new that didn’t come from the movies.

- Julia, SPS '21