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The transition from all-remote to in-person classes was really easy. It may seem overwhelming at first but trust me it’s not. I was so excited to see my classmates, to physically sit in the Goldberg Theater, and to feel that New York energy again. Here is my journey and the steps of going back to NYU:

In Person Classes During COVID

One of the best feelings for me was when I stepped out of the elevator onto the 7th floor at Tisch School of the Arts after a whole year of not being there. I saw my professor and literally wanted to jump on her but I had to keep my cool.  

Another one of my favorite things to do is sit in Washington Square Park and write. On this day, a band was playing some great jazz music. I love listening to jazz while writing!

A picture of Sienna in Washington Square Park.

A picture of Sienna in Washington Square Park

Take A Covid Test through NYU

I live in New Jersey (Jerseyyyyy!) and actually didn’t have the time to physically go to NYU to take the saliva test so I requested to have it mailed to me. I filled out the form and waited about a day or 2 to hear back from them. I was approved on a Thursday and received my kit on Monday. I followed the instructions, sealed it up and took it to the UPS Store on Tuesday. They say it would take between 24-48 hours so I didn’t think I would make it to class on Thursday. Alas, I got my results back Wednesday night and I was in the clear. Woohoo! 

Daily Screener 

On the day you’re going into an NYU building you must complete a Daily Screener Test. You can find that on the NYU Mobile App. You answer a few questions and then you’ll receive an email on whether or not you can come to campus that day. I was so excited to see the green pass email. So before I leave for campus I fill that out. 

When You Arrive At Your School

When I arrived at Tisch I showed the security guard my NYU ID and the email with the Green Pass on it. She nodded and I headed to the elevator and up to the 7th floor. 

Sienna arriving to Tisch

*Bonus* Transportation

As I stated before, I live in Jersey and currently I don’t really want to use public transportation right now. So I did some research and found a few parking garages near NYU that give out NYU discounts to park your car! I park at the Washington Square Village Parking Garage. It’s $13 daily when you show your NYU ID. It’s perfect because it’s only a 5 minute walk to Tisch. I have a late class and I felt safe walking to my car after class. Also, the NYU buses are free to all students!

*Here’s a picture of my classmates and I grabbing a drink after class for the first time in a year! 

A picture of Sienna with her dramatic writing classmates