Finals are here! This might be one of the most stressful, yet productive couple of weeks of your semester as a graduate student. It takes more than just caffeine to get through all the papers, presentations, and research projects. Here are my tips and tricks for surviving this time of year with your #violetpride intact:

  • Time Management: create a schedule for your week and STICK TO IT! The trick this week is to prioritize your studying with ample time for breaks. Give your mind a rest! You must remember to eat and sleep roughly 7-8 hours a night to make sure you are refueling your brain from all the energy it’s exerting.

  • Pick up your complementary study kits!  Packed with stress reduction and study essentials (a stress toy, relaxation tips, a highlighter, earplugs, a snack, and more) these kits will be available at various locations in Washington Square and Brooklyn. Take one and use it! For more information about study kits and other resources available to you as an NYU student, check out the NYU Wellness Center.

  • Relaxation Oasis: I believe part of maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit is mastering the art of finding ways to keep your mind at ease. Yes, the thought of writing a 15 page paper, getting through all the course slides in time for the final exam, and finishing up that presentation sounds like enough work for a small army. Luckily, an app called Calm is here to help! As an NYU student, you’ll get a free year subscription to Calm Premium, which means you’ll have access to the Ccalm app’s entire library of guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and sleep stories (just when you thought you were too old for bedtime stories!)

  • Stay connected: The best way to get through this difficult time is by relying on your community of friends and family who always help you remember why you’re here in the first place. Remember to not neglect your friends too much during these weeks, they most likely will find small ways to remind you not to take yourself too seriously or be too hard on yourself during this time.

Above all else, stay positive! You've been working hard all semester and you're probably in better shape than you think. It also doesn't hurt to remember that once you get through this, winter break will be waiting for you! 

Happy Studying