Two Students in front of "NYU" letters

Explore the City

NYC Sights

It is NYC, baby! There is always something going on. Explore! One of my favorite things to do is take walks around the city. Sometimes I will get a cup of coffee from a new cafe I find and simply explore. It was a great way to get acquainted with a new neighborhood and made me feel quite comfortable with the area. You can also find some great restaurants, cafes, or shops on these walks. I like to keep a list so I can make sure to remember them.

Another way to explore is going to local events. Try joining emailing lists or facebook groups for things happening around NYC. Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of my favorite parks and they host fun events from time to time. My favorite was community stargazing with the amature astronomers club. NYC Parks & Rec also hosts movie nights all summer. One year I went to a movie night hosted on the roof of a community center. I think I missed the first part of the movie because I was too busy looking off into the skyline. Parks, museums, community groups, and more have fun, interesting events all the time. If you are looking to do something fun or meet new people I would suggest looking into your community to see what events may be going on.

Use EZ-Borrow

EZ-Borrow is one of my favorite NYU secrets! EZ-Borrow has allowed me to never have to pay for a textbook in grad and undergrad. The EZ-Borrow system connects library systems from all over the East Coast and allows you to get books and textbooks from over 50 libraries. If you need a textbook, it is almost certainly in this system. So, if NYU does not have the book, don’t fret! Somewhere else probably does. It does take up to a week to ship books around so make sure you request as early as you can. Usually, you can check out the books for 12 weeks which is almost a whole semester. I recommend scanning the last couple chapters or any chapters you may need for the last couple weeks of the semester before returning the book. The other great thing about EZ-Borrow is that it is not only for textbooks. If you want to check out a book just because it is interesting and NYU doesn't have it, EZ-Borrow it!

Use NYU to your Advantage

Group in front of Broadway sign

NYU has a lot of secret tools that can help you in and out of school. EZ-Borrow is a great one as mentioned before. Another is NYU’s Museum Gateway. Through this program, just with your NYU ID, you are able to get admission into museums around NYC for free! This includes The Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of the Moving Image, and The Frick Madison just to name a few. If museums are not your thing, NYU also has discounted tickets to movies, Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, sporting events, musical concerts, and more through the NYU Box Office. A big shock of moving to NYC is that movie tickets are quite expensive. But NYU has $10 movie ticket vouchers so you can basically see two movies for the price of one.

NYU also has grant opportunities to take advantage of. NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development offers The Wasserman Center Internship Grant and the Wasserman Center Global Internship Grant in the fall, spring, and summer. This grant provides you $1,000 in financial assistance to students pursuing unpaid internships in qualifying industries that do not traditionally pay their interns.

Get Involved

I always say make the most of what you do, especially your time at NYU. I was lucky enough to get five years out of this place but very few get that much time. So make the most of the time you have! Go to all of the NYU events you can. I recommend joining a club. There are over 400 All-University clubs and you can access them all through our online platform NYU Engage. Clubs are a great way to explore your interests while meeting new people and creating community. There are also school-specific events. I love to go to the tea time talks NYU Steinhardt puts on. I've met some great people there and gotten to eat free cookies! NYU also hosts graduate programing such as grad life mixers, international student mixers, themed events for Halloween, and other holidays such as pumpkin decorating, NY(DRAG)U, and so much more.

Meet People

NYU Students

Getting involved with the NYU community was one of the most impactful experiences I have had in my five years here. The people at NYU are quite special. The students, the faculty, the staff, and everyone in between have made such a huge impact on my life. Fellow classmates have taught me so much, both academically and personally. They have shown me how to be a better student and person both in and outside of class. Professors have encouraged me to learn and grow in ways I never knew I could. They believed in me and supported me throughout my years here and have made me into both a teacher and a learner. Not to mention the supervisors, coworkers, and paraprofessionals I have met that have taught me how to pursue everything I've ever wanted to do.

The people at NYU are NYU’s best kept secret, they have impacted who I am for the better and I would not be where I am today without them.