Prospective students walking through an NYU campus. Text says Navigating Grad School

  • Advice from a 5th-year NYU student

    Madison shares her experience staying at NYU for a 5th year to complete her MA degree.

  • A First-Generation College Student Experience

    Dev, a Vocal Performance student at Steinhardt, talks about his experience as a first-generation college student at NYU.

  • Connecting to Campus in an Online Program

    Tyler, who is an online student in the American Journalism program at GSAS, writes about how New York University makes an online campus feel like a physical one.

  • Grad Student How-To: Getting the Most Out of Your Time at NYU

    With such a large campus and so much to do, it can take a little while to get acclimated to the NYU community. As grad students, you've got limited time to learn about NYU's perks and take advantage of them. Claire, an MSW student at NYU Silver, shares her insider knowledge about getting the most out of NYU and NYC.

  • In-Person Classes During COVID

    Sienna, completing her MFA at Tisch, walks us through her journey of taking in-person classes during the pandemic.

  • Harmony in a Hybrid Semester

    Sam, completing his Masters of Public Administration at the Wagner, walks us through a couple of the steps he takes to find harmony during a hybrid semester as a graduate student at NYU!

  • Grad Student How-To: Time Management & Juggling It all

    Katherine, a grad student at GSAS, talks about how she manages school, work, and.... life!

  • Grad Student How-To: Survive Finals

    Finals week is the most dreaded week of grad school. In this post, Dannie, an MA student at NYU Wagner, offers her stress relief tips to survive finals week, including free NYU perks to help you stay positive.

  • Grad Student How-To: Finding Your Community

    Community is an important aspect of a grad student's life, even when you don't feel like you have the time to socialize. NYU in particular prides itself on having a strong and diverse community. Lauren, an MSW student at the Silver School of Social Work, offers some tips on how to develop your sense of community at NYU.

  • Studying Abroad Can Still Be An Option as a Grad Student

    Michelle, a first year grad student at the School of Professional Studies (SPS), gives audiences six reasons as to why one would want to study abroad in graduate school.

  • "What, like it's hard?" Grad School Lessons from the movie Legally Blonde

    Joshua, a first year grad student at the Graduate School of Arts and Science, shares tips on how to get through graduate school.

  • Grad Student How-To: Mastering the Thesis

    Jordan, soon to be graduate of NYU Gallatin, discusses the daunting process of writing a master's thesis and how to overcome writer's block. You'll find her tips not only helpful but also humorous!

  • Grad Student How-To: NYU Wagner's Capstone Experience

    Our tour guide Mery is graduating! Having completed her Master's in Public Administration at the Wagner School of Public Service, Mery discusses her experience completing a capstone project that culminates the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained throughout her program.

  • Grad Student How-To: Juggling It All

    Contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to have it all in grad school. That being said, it definitely doesn’t happen without some effort. In this post, Jordan, an MA student at NYU Gallatin, shares a few tips and tricks for staying on top of all aspects of life as a grad student.

  • Grad School Online

    Zoe, completing her MSW in Social Work at Silver, shares her experiences with NYU's new online format due to COVID-19.

  • Soak It All In

    Zoe, completing her MSW in Social Work at Silver, shares how to make the most out of your NYU career.

  • Grad Student How-To: Getting the Most Out of Your Internship

    Kimberly is a second year MSW graduate student at the Silver School of Social Work. Her program requires her to complete 21 hours of field placement (i.e. internship) per week. Kimberly details how this experience can be extremely beneficial in terms of gaining valuable experience and making connections for your career.

  • All You Need to Know About Gallatin

    Emily, completing her Music Therapy degree at the Steinhardt, interviews her friend Beryl about being a Gallatin student.

  • The Importance of Establishing Connections: How to Build Authentic Networks in Graduate School

    Madina, a first year student at Wagner, shares her tips for building your network and strengthening your connections while in grad school.

  • Apps I Use for Graduate School

    Gab, an Electrical Engineering at Tandon, shares the apps he uses frequently for grad school.