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NYC is filled with culture, community, diversity and strength. I love experiencing everything the city has to offer while simultaneously finding my own path.
Jainetri Profile

I appreciate how the Master of Public Health program values and builds on the experiences of its students. I find it unique that the final year of my program is entirely structured around my summer work experience which creates an incredibly personalized and stimulating learning environment.
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NYU’s marketing program stood out to me among other schools because of how dynamic it is and how the curriculum is able to keep up with the times of how marketing works in today’s world. 
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I chose NYU because I knew that if I were to get my clinical experience in such a diverse city, I would be as prepared as I could be to handle many scenarios that will come my way in the future.
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I love being able to work alongside the diverse NYU community of classmates looking to achieve the same goals in public service. NYU stands out for its great Urban Planning program and focus on transportation.
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NYU is truly a melting pot. The knowledge and experiences, from classmates to professors and faculty, are so rich and beautifully woven to enrich your academic and personal experience.

I chose NYU to be immersed in New York City as a student. I love learning from experiences and New York is the best place to do so! My program, Environmental Public Health Sciences, is exactly what I wanted to pursue at the School of Global Public Health.

There are endless options for everything you’d want to do here in the city whether it’s eating a specific cuisine or an outdoor activity. I love that we have access to so many places and even a day trip outside Manhattan is just a subway ride away!
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NYU's vibrant and diverse community fosters a culture of innovation and creativity, providing opportunities for personal and academic growth.


The Financial Engineering and Risk Management program is ranked in the top two and what sets it apart is that the professors themselves have professional experience on Wall Street. This unique advantage allows me to not only learn from them academically but also gain valuable insights from their real-life stories and receive guidance for a successful career launch.
I just love how diverse this city is. I was really scared about feeling out of place, but NYU has offered me a rare experience of learning about the various cultures around the world in one city. It has truly widened my perspective and helped make my grad school experience, especially as an international student, a bit easier. I love being a part of this global community.
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NYU fosters an open-minded atmosphere for students. There are countless opportunities for personal development, with events happening all the time. If you want to learn how to DJ, play an instrument, or make poetry there is always something available.
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I love NYU for it’s diverse and knowledgeable community! Everyone has so much to offer, may it be your professors, co-workers, or friends.  
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I chose my program because of the exceptional research opportunities at NYU, coupled with the unparalleled expertise of both peers and professors who lead the field with their knowledge and experience.