Andrea Gorrin Portrait

Being part of the NYU family has been an honor. The tools I have been given and the experiences I have lived have changed my life for the better. If you are looking for a place where you can grow academically and professionally, while also having the time of your life in New York City, NYU is the place to be.

I have loved the opportunity to live and study in a city that's so connected to the field of Global Affairs. All of my professors have had extensive experience working in the field at the United Nations or other international organizations, so I am really learning from amazing practitioners.

I love NYU's ambition and its diversity and inclusion. A truly international university that was built for the world.

Experimental Humanities & Social Engagement has allowed me to branch my scholarship out to places I would've never been able to imagine just a few short years ago. Being given the flexibility to take exactly the classes I want and need to further my research into the interspecies carnivalesque and the radical political possibilities of play has been an experience like no other.

Joining the NYU family has been a surreal experience. Both inside and outside the classroom I am constantly academically challenged  and inspired. Professors, peers and even the staff that greets me into the buildings every morning, they all support me in my creative and professional endeavors. When I applied to NYU I was looking for just that, a community that I could rely on. NYU has been everything I expected and more.
Lena Sernoff Portrait

NYU has the exact interdisciplinary master's program I was looking for. After an 8 year post-undergrad career, I knew I'd go back to school only for a degree that would meet all my academic needs. Studio 20: Digital First is a cutting-edge journalism program that looks at disruptions in the media landscape and explores the intersection of editorial, innovation, business and technology. I can take a large portion of my classes at other NYU schools, such as Stern and Tandon, to give me the well-rounded education I was striving for.

I knew that graduate school was the next step for me but after lots of research, I couldn’t find the right fit. Then, I serendipitously chanced on the News and Documentary program via an alumnus at a film festival and voila, here I am at NYU two years later!

One of my favorite quotes is, “How you spend your days is how you spend your life.” I’m so happy I waited to find the program that most aligned with my goals and feel so lucky to be spending my days here in New York at NYU.

I chose NYU because of the professional diversity in my program that allows everyone in the class to share their unique experience. NYU's reputation for its Financial Engineering program (ranked consistently among top 3 in the world!) and its proximity to Wall Street are definitely other factors that contributed to my decision.

I decided to enroll in NYU because of the access to the incredible resources available, not only at the University, but in New York City.

I was drawn to the Vocal Performance program because of the educators I would have to opportunity to work with, the number of performance opportunities afforded to students, and the well-rounded education this program offered.

At NYU, I have been able to craft a program that is specific to my goals and passions. I have taken coursework through Gallatin, Steinhardt, Tisch, and even the Journalism Institute -- and I also have complete control over my thesis. I love that NYU doesn't put me in a box and respects me as an individual. Plus, I've found a great community of collaborators and friends.