As I started my journey as an international student at NYU, I often wondered if this was the right decision. Should I have done something different? We all have that inner voice after we make a life-changing decision asking: “did I make the right one?” or “is there something better out there and I just messed up?” I, for one, always trusted my inner-self. And I’m glad, really glad, that the path I chose was the one that led me to NYU. A journey that has been a smooth one so far.

Leaving home was tough. Especially as the youngest child and very close to my family. You might be thinking, “oh my gosh this guy is so dramatic, everyone goes away from their family and starts their independent life away from home…What's the big deal? What’s all the fuss about?” Well that’s how much family means to me. And that’s what made it even harder to come to New York.

Washington Square Park

Before coming to NYU, I had never traveled internationally overseas so being on a new continent and in a new country was a big deal. It was very overwhelming and my emotions were all over the place. I felt homesick… My first week was dreadful. However, one thing I never expected was how welcoming NYU was going to be. As soon as the semester started I witnessed something unexpected. How come people were so friendly? How was it so easy for people from all over the world who have joined NYU to gel so well with each other? I made many connections and friends on my first day at NYU itself!! Amazing right?

Getting to Know NYU

One thing I appreciated about the university was how easy they helped me make the transition. The entire journey was really smooth for me. From their introductory campus tours, to the social gatherings, and even their club events, there were plenty of opportunities to help me get better acquainted with the place and its people. What I really enjoyed about the NYU Brooklyn Campus was the positive energy that flowed through it. MetroTech Commons is a great place to people watch, eat lunch between classes, and enjoy the weather. The campus maps spread throughout make it easy to navigate the various buildings and explore all that campus has to offer.

NYU Library

Student with snow

NYU Events

There are numerous events at NYU and it’s so simple to get involved in them. One of my personal favorites are the graduate mixer events. NYU has quite a number of these events at both the Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses. Even when I say Brooklyn and Manhattan it’s not like there are much differences between the two campuses. All the buildings and events can be accessed by all students. The best part was being accepted into the community with such ease. There are other events ranging from career guidance to mental health and overall wellbeing which can support students throughout their time at NYU.

People of New York

Oh my, where do I even start? New York has a plethora of people all from different parts of the world. This was a major reason why I chose NYU for my graduate study. People from all over the world add to the vibrancy of New York. You just have to walk to Washington Square Park or Union Square and you will never feel bored. Best part is that it is surrounded by NYU buildings. I mean why does one need to travel to the rest of the world when you can find the rest of the world in New York itself?

Washington Square Park

Music in New York

"Music is life itself. What would this world be without good music? No matter what kind it is." - Louis Armstrong

Just looking at this quote is so inspiring. The depth and roots at which the music and culture flows in the heart of New York City is immeasurable. Just take a walk at Washington Square Park, Brooklyn MetroTech, or Greenwich Village, you will be surrounded by Latin, Jazz, Arabic…all sorts of music. The community is so united that you can feel its energy through the music you hear.

I love to admire street artists whether they are painting, playing an instrument, or singing on a street corner. Isn’t it such a beauty? Sometimes I can't help myself, I just sway to the music or dance to their tunes.

The True Beauty of New York

When I walk along the streets of New York I always notice the intricate architecture of the old buildings and I can’t help but wonder what they must have been like in their earlier days of glory.

NYC Skyline at Night

Even when I take in the view of the New York skyline at night I get speechless at times. A friend once told me, "Even if you stay in NY for a year, by that time you still would not be able to finish sightseeing the entire place. You would want to go back to the same place and take in the beauty over and over again."