Whether you’re interested in continuing your education without pursuing a full degree, committed to advancing your professional skills, or excited by the chance to take graduate courses at NYU for transfer credit to your current institution, we’re thrilled to welcome you.
Opportunities for non-degree-seeking and visiting students at NYU are many, but they do vary across our graduate and professional schools. Below, you’ll find some general information regarding school-specific opportunities. While this is a great place to start, you’ll want to reach out directly to the school or department you’re interested in for more detailed and comprehensive information.

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Email: gradadmissions@nyu.edu
Phone: 212-992-GRAD (4723)


Not sure which class(es) to take?

Visit NYU Albert Public Course Search and find those that are ideal for you.

Note: Not all classes in the course search will be open to all. Using the information below, please contact schools directly to ensure the class or classes you're interested in are available.


Opportunities by school