Frequently-Asked Questions about Graduate & Professional School Admissions re: COVID-19

As the world adjusts to the unprecedented changes that COVID-19 has forced upon it, NYU is attempting to guide and support you as you plan your next educational experience. We, like you, don’t stop in the face of challenges, and we have created opportunities to connect from virtual events, one-on-one video consultations, and more to ensure you can get your questions answered and connect to your future community even while that can’t happen in-person.

We recommend you refer back to this Frequently Asked Questions page and the University’s COVID-19 response page as more questions emerge and answers become available. If you do not find the information you need through these resources, please don’t hesitate to contact your unit's Admissions office or our office.


Are in-person Admissions events continuing on campus and/or in my area?
No; in compliance with state and local regulations, we have made virtual or canceled all in-person events scheduled until further notice. However, check your unit's Admissions page regularly for updates and information regarding remote / virtual experiences.

Are application requirements and/or deadlines changing? What if I can’t take required tests or obtain required documents because of COVID-19 closures?
We are sensitive to the uncertainty that this time may have on some students and, where possible, we will try to be flexible regarding application deadlines and requirements such as final transcripts. Please contact your unit's Admissions office to discuss your situation and needs.

Will I be able to obtain a student visa to study at NYU?
U.S. policy on study visas is unfortunately beyond our control and still very much in flux. However, we continue to lobby on behalf of international students for normal, timely student visa processing to resume as soon as possible. In case it does not, we are currently working on ways that international students might start their academic programs via remote study and continue them in-person when visa policy allows. For now, it's too soon to say what will be possible for the fall semester. You may also wish to visit the Office of Global Services' COVID-19 and Emergency Information page for updates.

Will NYU be extending the deadline for admitted students’ replies / deposits?
We are sensitive to the uncertainty that this time may have on some students and, where possible, and within reason, we will try to be flexible regarding the deposit deadline. Please contact your unit's Admissions office to discuss your situation and needs.

Is the tuition deposit required?
In most cases, yes. As you likely know, we have currently moved all of our in-person classes to a remote status through the summer. (Updates to class formats will be posted on the University's COVID-19 response page.) It is too soon to know if we will need to consider remote classes in the fall, but the current transition has been remarkable given the short amount of time our faculty have had to move their courses, and we are certainly confident that both our students and instructors will adjust and do what NYU does best - keep moving forward and adapt. Courses will be taught by the same excellent faculty instructors with the same valuable content, and we believe many faculty and students will find new opportunities and use creative solutions to enhance teaching and learning, build on their knowledge, and use this as a way to think about how we adjust to adversity and continue to progress. Still, we do understand that there is much uncertainty at NYU and in the world, so we welcome a dialogue about your enrollment plans. Please contact your unit's Admissions office to discuss your situation and needs.

Will NYU offer refunds on deposits should the campus situations change over the summer?
We anticipate that students will be able to begin their fall semester studies on time. The safety of our students is of utmost priority and, should the need arise, we are prepared to make the necessary adjustments to ensure students’ safety and the continuity of their experience. At this point, we cannot speculate on what the fall may bring, but we will work with students throughout the process.

Contact Your Academic Unit for More Information