After the initial review of your submitted documents, we may need to request additional items. Any additional or supporting documentation required will be listed on your Albert "To-Do" list. Below are samples of what may be requested.

Proof of Food Stamp (SNAP) Benefit

This documentation is requested when a student indicates that either the student, parent, or a member of the student’s household receives food stamp benefits.

Proof of Child Support Paid

This documentation is requested when a student/spouse or dependent student’s parent reports on the FAFSA form that they paid child support.

The student will need to submit a statement signed by him/her or parent of dependent student detailing the:

  1. Annual amount of the support. The amount should only include money paid out for children that are not a part of the student’s household as listed on the household verification form.
  2. The names of those who paid it (i.e. which parent) and to whom it was paid.
  3. The name(s) of the child(ren) it was paid for.