Financial Aid Application Process for Undocumented Students

If you are applying for admission as an undocumented* undergraduate student, you may be eligible for NYU scholarship funds.

Beginning with the 2019-2020 admissions cycle, newly-admitted undocumented students who are admitted to NYU will be eligible for the same levels of institutional scholarship aid that is offered to students who are US citizens. In other words, NYU will not draw a distinction between applicants who are US citizens, and those who maintain DACA status – or are otherwise undocumented – while determining institutional scholarship awards.

NYU would also like to acknowledge the contributions of the NYU Dream Team, a student group focused on trying to address issues facing undocumented members of the community, for their dedication and partnership on this and other challenges.

The requirements are as follows:

CSS Profile

Students must submit the CSS Profile and meet the same Profile deadlines as U.S and international students. The CSS Profile is available each year beginning in October and are based on “Prior Prior Year” tax data, increasing accuracy of awarding and allowing students and families to utilize taxes that they have already filed from two years prior.

For applicants whose parents are separated, divorced or unmarried and do not live together: Students with divorced, separated or unmarried parents will need to have both parents submit their own separate CSS Profile applications. The deadline for the noncustodial parent is 5 days after the student deadline.

Under certain circumstances, NYU will consider waiving the CSS Profile for the noncustodial parent if the information cannot be obtained. The deadline to submit a CSS Profile Waiver Request for the Noncustodial Parent (available at Applications and Forms) is also 5 days after the student deadline.

If your noncustodial parent is deceased, please fill out the CSS Profile Waiver Request for the Noncustodial Parent to indicate this.


Additional eligibility criteria must be met to qualify as an undocumented student for NYU financial aid purposes. Students must submit the Undocumented Student Financial Aid Application (available on our Applications and Forms menu) no later than the CSS Profile deadline to be considered for NYU scholarship funds.

Students will be considered for NYU scholarship based upon financial need, academic strengths (and other information reviewed in the admission process), and must also satisfy the criteria required on the Undocumented Student Financial Aid Application. Students submitting all information on time will be evaluated and notified approximately at the time they learn of their acceptance for admission.

Please note that additional information for eligibility is required for consideration, including:

  • Confirmation of the student applicant's attendance at a high school within the United Staes for the prior three calendar years (January 2015 to January 2018).

Example of Documentation: official high school transcript.

  • The student applicant must have a valid Social Security Number, OR the student applicant or student applicant's parent(s) must have an official, valid U.S. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Please see the IRS website for more information about the ITIN.

NYU Investment

It is important to note that eligible undocumented students will be given the same consideration for scholarships as other U.S. students; however, they will not be eligible for federal or New York State financial aid. Undocumented students will need to consider their investment in an NYU education carefully. We welcome you to utilize NYU's Everyday Financial Education Resource, iGrad. This site provides many comprehensive planning tools, financial guidance and planning strategies for prospective students and their families as they consider their college selection, and beyond. While this is not financial aid itself, we welcome you to use NYU's iGrad platform as a long term resource. Additional Guidance may be sought from financial aid counselors, but appeals for additional scholarship funding beyond the initial offer to those who are awarded will not be considered. NYU does not offer an internal loan program.

What Happens Next

After the successful submission of the Common Application, the CSS Profile and the New York Undocumented Student Financial Aid Application, you will be reviewed for both admission and financial aid. Applications must be submitted by our deadlines to be reviewed for NYU Scholarship.

Shortly after admissions offers are made, students who qualify for financial aid would receive an email directing them to log in to their Albert Student Center to view their estimated financial aid award package.

Because Undocumented Students are ineligible for federal financial aid, it is important that students analyze their resources to determine how their financial need will be met. It is rare that NYU Scholarship alone is enough to cover the entire cost of attendance. More information on private educational loans can be found on our website. There are also several payment plan options offered by the University which may assist you with planning the portion of college costs for which you and your family will be responsible. More information about payment plans can be found on the NYU Office of the Bursar's website.

NOTE: Undocumented students are subject to income/financial aid form verification, the same as all other students. Students/parents must be prepared to submit tax return transcripts, or -- if U.S. tax returns are not required, based upon Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines -- be able to provide other valid proof of earnings (such as W-2's). Please see our Verification page for more information. If selected for financial aid verification, financial aid eligibility may be subject to change based on the comparison of the requested documentation and the student's CSS Profile.

* An undocumented student is a student who does not possess appropriate documentation allowing him/her to reside legally in the U.S. Students who have been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status are considered to be undocumented.