2021-2022 Regular Decision

It is important for applicants to understand NYU's commitment to maintaining deadlines in order to provide financial aid as equitably as possible. To ensure consideration, please be aware that all financial aid application deadlines are at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. All required applications must be submitted on time for NYU scholarship consideration. Since the amount of scholarship a student receives in their first year is typically the amount they will continue to receive each year if they remain otherwise eligible, filing late can affect eligibility in future years.

Regular Decision Deadline: February 20

U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Eligible Non-Citizens CSS Profile2
FAFSA3 TAP4 (NY residents only)
International1 CSS Profile2 N/A
Undocumented CSS Profile2 N/A
TAP4 (NY residents only)

NYU School Codes: CSS Profile 2785, FAFSA 002785, TAP 0555

1 Contact us for an alternate application if you are from North Korea.

2 Applicants Whose Parents are Separated, Divorced or Unmarried and Do Not Live Together:
Students with divorced, separated or unmarried parents will need to have both parents submit their own separate CSS Profile applications. The deadline for the noncustodial parent is the same as the student.

Under certain circumstances, NYU will consider waiving the CSS Profile for the noncustodial parent if the information cannot be obtained. The deadline to submit a CSS Profile Waiver Request for the Noncustodial Parent is also the same as the student deadline.

3 Recommended Filing Date for FAFSA:
The FAFSA (NYU school code 002785) is required for federal financial aid for all U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, and eligible non-citizens applying to our New York City campus and/or to NYU Shanghai. Admitted students who file and complete the FAFSA by the recommended filing date will receive a financial aid package that includes federal financial aid eligibility at the time of admission. Admitted students who file and complete the FAFSA after the recommended filing date will have their federal aid eligibility awarded upon receipt of the FAFSA. Use of the Data Retrieval Tool is preferred whenever possible.

4 Tuition Assistance for New York Residents:
A TAP application (NYU school code 0555) is required for all NY State residents who are eligible for federal financial aid and who would like to be reviewed for TAP Grant eligibility for our New York campus. The TAP application may be filed after you have filed the FAFSA.