Financial Aid and Study Away

Financial aid opportunities for New York University students attending one of our Study Away programs take several forms. 

If you participate in a Study Away program, you remain matriculated at NYU and will continue to pay tuition to the university. Your financial aid will be applied as it would if you were attending classes in the U.S.

Scholarships, Federal Loans, and New York State Funding

Your financial aid options while attending a Study Away program mirror what you receive during other semesters, if you have met all criteria. 

Federal loans and New York State need-based financial aid can be applied to Study Away. Merit and need-based scholarships awarded by New York University are also applicable to your Study Away tuition. 

If you are an NYU student studying in a foreign university not directly affiliated with NYU, you must complete and sign a consortium agreement, which will arrange for your NYU financial aid payments to go to the hosting university. 

You must confirm in advance your eligibility to transfer course credit(s) to an NYU degree program.

Global Pathways Scholarship

NYU offers the Global Pathways Scholarship to undergraduates admitted to the Study Away program. All admitted Study Away undergraduate students who apply for financial aid are automatically evaluated for the additional need-based award. If granted, you’ll receive up to $4,000 per semester to cover the cost of studying away.  

You will receive an award notification in June for a fall semester abroad and November for a spring semester.

Non-NYU Students and Study Away

If you are a student attending a Study Away program but you aren’t enrolled at NYU, you will use financial aid awarded by your home institution. 

Students who fall under this category should visit their financial aid office and ask to have a consortium agreement, which arranges financial aid payments to be made to NYU, established with the NYU Office of Financial Aid.