Common Disbursement Issues

When you receive your NYU e-Bill, you should review it carefully to make sure all your financial aid is accounted for and properly applied.

If you don’t see your financial aid credited in the amount you were awarded, you could have a hold on your account for a number of reasons that include:

  • Not enrolling in enough credits
  • Outstanding items on your NYU Albert To-Do List
  • The type of aid offered is not intended to disburse onto your bill
  • Not completing all the steps to receive your Federal Direct Loans

If part of your aid comes from Federal Work-Study or stipends, it will not show up on your bill. Federal Work-Study is paid via check or direct deposit and is based on the hours you work within the program.

Sometimes, your financial aid is not enough to cover your e-Bill in its entirety. Learn about how to adjust your aid if this happens and you require additional funding.

Removing a Hold on Your Account

There are steps you can take to remove a hold on your account, depending on what caused it. 

If you’ve been flagged for “Enrollment Mismatch,” your account may have a hold placed on because you haven’t enrolled for enough credits. 

If this happens:

  • You must register for the minimum number of  credits anticipated on your financial aid award.
  • If you intend to register for fewer credits than anticipated, you should update your enrollment in your NYU Albert Student Center so necessary financial aid adjustments can be made to your eligibility.

Watch a video explaining the process.

Please note: Financial aid such as federal loans, Pell Grants, and NYU Scholarships have minimum enrollment requirements. Adjusting your enrollment could impact your aid from these sources. 

If you have outstanding items on your NYU Albert To-Do List, you could also find a hold placed on your account. Items could include providing proof of citizenship, verification requests, and outstanding promissory notes.

If this happens:

  • Check your NYU Albert To-Do List for any outstanding items.
  • Submit the missing documentation. The Office of Financial Aid will need to review your paperwork, so please allow processing time.