What Is CSS Profile Verification?

NYU verifies the financial information provided on the CSS Profile from part of its applicant population. If your application is selected, we will gather documentation from you for a review. If information in your documentation is unclear or conflicting, we may ask you for additional documentation. Once the documentation is reviewed, we will ensure that the information provided on your CSS Profile is accurate by making any necessary corrections.

How Do I Know if My CSS Profile is Selected for Verification?

If your CSS Profile is selected for verification, you will be notified with an email. You will also see the requirement on your NYU Applicant Portal checklist.

Students should not submit tax documentation unless you have received the notification that your CSS Profile is selected to be verified.

How Do I Provide My Documentation to NYU?

You should only be able to send your documentation to NYU if you have been selected for CSS Profile Verification. Please do not send documents that are not specifically requested from you.

Once you have confirmed that you have been selected for CSS Profile verification, you will need to log in to the College Board IDOC platform using your CBFinAid ID. The direct link to the platform is available in the email notification letting you know that your CSS Profile has been selected. NYU only has access to the IDOC platform for the students who have been selected for CSS Profile verification.

Please note, students requesting a waiver for their CSS Profile for their non-custodial parent should not submit them through the IDOC platform, but should follow the specific instructions on the CSS Profile Waiver Request for the Noncustodial Parent form.

Which Documents Should Be Uploaded to IDOC?

Students who have been selected for CSS Profile verification should submit documentation for the student and any parents who are included on your CSS Profile application.

Students whose parents are divorced or separated (or are unmarried and do not live together) and were required to submit a CSS Profile for their non-custodial parent’s household should include the information for both the custodial parent’s household and the non-custodial parent’s household. If you were approved for a CSS Profile Waiver Request for the Non-custodial Parent, you only need to submit for your custodial parent’s household.

U.S. Tax Filers Foreign Tax Filers and Income Earners Non-Filers

Note: If your parent did not work but filed taxes (for property/rent, business, etc), the 1040 for 2021 is still required.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Households Including a Noncustodial Parent