At New York University, we make sure our graduates are informed as they take on the responsibility of repayment. As a result, our graduates tend to have some of the lowest default rates in the country. 

With suites of tools, like iGrad, and a collection of helpful resources, preparing for repayment of your loans is easy.

Managing Your Finances

Financial education at NYU is a service that was created to help all members of our community make good financial decisions. 

You can access a variety of financial education resources designed to deepen your knowledge of personal finance.


NYU has partnered with iGrad to ensure that students, alumni, faculty, employees, parents, and families have access to customized resources that will expand their knowledge of personal finance.

iGrad offers videos, calculators, articles, recommendations, games, and other resources that can help improve your finances. 

Their suite of interactive tools is designed to provide you with knowledge on a variety of topics including budgeting, financial aid, banking, investing, and more.

Further Resources

The U.S. Department of Education offers indispensable information and advice about repaying your loans. 

Some good resources include: