A financial aid package at NYU may suggest several types of loans for which a student is eligible, based on certain criteria (such as anticipated points/credits, housing status, financial need, etc.) and, for campus-administered loans, the availability of funds.

Some federal loan programs, such as the Health Professions Student Loan and Nursing Loan, allocate limited funds to New York University for campus-based disbursement and administration of the loans. NYU will require you to complete a promissory note to ensure appropriate loan disbursement and corresponding credit on your Bursar bill. You should carefully read the instructions and complete the signing process on NYU Albert. You will not receive credit on your bursar's bill if you do not sign your promissory note.

Data provided on your loan application(s) will be submitted to the NSLDS database, and may also be accessed by guaranty agencies, lenders and other post-secondary institutions determined by the U.S. Department of Education to be authorized users of the NSLDS system. Students with an FSA ID may access their own NSLDS record on the NSLDS website.

A variety of additional, private (nonfederal) alternative loans are also available from individual lending institutions.

Please think carefully about your obligations as a borrower before pursuing any educational loan.  Consider your educational investment at NYU, as well as your long-term financial commitments when borrowing.

NOTICE:  See References and Resources for information about Loan Deferment, Loan Consolidation, Loan Repayment, and Loan Forgiveness.