Announcing The NYU Promise. Beginning in the 2024-25 academic year, President Linda G. Mills expanded NYU's commitment to affordability through The NYU Promise, guaranteeing that every undergraduate - domestic and international - who started as a first year student admitted to our New York campus will not have to pay tuition if they have family income under $100,000 and hold typical assets.

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Who is eligible to have tuition covered?

Students admitted as first year undergraduate students to our New York campus, who apply for financial aid by the financial aid deadlines, and who have a family income under $100,000 and hold typical assets will be eligible to have their tuition covered.

Will there be adjustments to current students who qualify?

Yes. Any students enrolled at NYU in fall 2024 (including sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who meet the criteria will have their NYU Scholarship adjusted for the start of the fall 2024 term.

How does NYU define “income”?

NYU defines total income as the total of student and parent wages, earnings from a business or other self-employment, other taxable income such as unemployment compensation, and all untaxed income.

How does NYU define “typical” assets?

NYU defines typical assets as assets commensurate with family income levels.  A family’s assets may include cash and savings, investments, home equity, business net worth, other real estate and any other assets. Families with significant assets above what is typical for their income level may not qualify for full tuition, but would still qualify to have 100% of their demonstrated need met.

What if my need exceeds NYU tuition?

In addition to ensuring students will not have to pay tuition, NYU is also committed to meeting the demonstrated financial need of all new first year students who apply by our deadlines.  If your demonstrated need is greater than the cost of NYU tuition, your total NYU scholarships will exceed tuition to meet your demonstrated need.

Can international students qualify to have their tuition covered?

Yes. Tuition will be covered regardless of citizenship status as long as all of the other requirements are met. International students do not fill out the FAFSA when applying for financial aid.

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