Eligible candidates for the scholarship must apply using this application. The application is currently open for the Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 NYU Horizon Grant.

About the Grant

The NYU Horizon Grant is awarded each year to two formerly incarcerated students.

Grant Description

  • The award is up to the full cost of tuition, based on financial need
  • It is renewed each year the student is enrolled full time at NYU

Note: If a student attends part-time, financial aid will prorate the scholarship according to enrollment credits.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Successful completion of the NYU Horizon Grant Application (below)
  • Admission into a NYU Undergraduate degree program in New York; both incoming freshmen and transfer students will be considered
  • Entering NYU Fall 2022
  • Demonstrating financial need

How to Apply

  1. Complete and submit the "NYU Horizon Applicant Information."
  2. Complete and submit the required financial aid application on time.
  3. Applicants offered the NYU Horizon Grant, will be asked to provide official documentation to confirm their prior incarceration status.

When to Apply

Deadlines for the NYU Horizon Application and the financial aid application submission correspond with your applicant type.

2021-2022 Academic Year:

2022-2023 Academic Year:

Information will be evaluated and applicants notified at approximately the time they learn of their admission decision.

NYU Horizon Applicant Information