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NYU Financial Education

At New York University, we want all members of our community to make sound financial decisions. NYU is committed to providing access to a variety of financial education resources to assist families in expanding their knowledge of personal finance.

What is Financial Education?

Financial Education (most commonly referred to as financial literacy) is:

“Possessing the skills and knowledge on financial matters to confidently take effective action that best fulfills an individual’s personal, family and global community goals.” – National Financial Educations Council, December 2016

Regardless of your family’s financial circumstances everyone has some level of financial knowledge. It is important to recognize not everyone may have access to the many different tools available to help get on track with their financial lives. Financial education is more than just budgeting, it is enabling our students and NYU community with the education and resources to effectively manage their finances every day.

Is Financial Education the same as Financial Aid?

Financial aid is not the same as financial education -- although there are components of the two that will cross they are different. Financial Aid is the detailed types and amounts of student aid offered to you. Financial Education is the understanding of those aid types and the implications regarding different financial choices made.

Where can I start?

NYU has partnered with iGrad to ensure that students, alumni, faculty, employees, parents and families have access to customized resources that will expand their knowledge of personal finance.

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