Common Disbursement Issues

If you are not being given credit for financial aid that was offered to you in your award, there are a few steps that you may take to make sure you aid is reflected to your NYU e-Bill.

Comparing Your e-Bill and Your Financial Aid

When you receive your e-Bill, you will notice charges such as tuition, fees, NYU housing (if applicable), and health insurance.  Please review the bill for accuracy. If you are using financial aid, and your aid has been applied for and approved, you may see anticipated credit on your bill if you are enrolled for the minimum number of credits on which your financial aid is based. If you are not yet enrolled in enough credits, you may not expect to see anticipated aid credited to your e-Bill.

Sometimes the estimated financial aid that was offered does not cover your e-Bill in its entirety. This may happen if you have not accepted or applied for all of the items of aid that were listed or your housing and fees are higher than the standard cost. This may also happen if the aid is not disbursable directly to the bill (i.e: stipends or Federal Work Study). Please review your financial aid summary (located in Albert) to learn what your standard cost was based upon. If you are seeking educational loans to meet additional educational expenses please contact the Office of Financial Aid so that your eligibility can be reviewed.

Seeking Additional Financial Assistance

If you find you are in need of additional financial aid, there are a few options to consider based on your circumstances.

  • If your financial situation (or your spouse's or parents) has drastically changed since you filed the FAFSA, please review the Professional Judgment form located on our Applications and Forms menu. If you meet one of the criteria listed, you might be eligible to have your federal financial aid eligibility reviewed.
  • If you are a returning undergraduate student, consider appealing for additional scholarship through NYU's online appeal process. This option is typically available via NYU's Office of Financial Aid website. Read the deadlines and directions carefully so you can plan accordingly.
  • Financial Aid for Graduate students is usually administered by the student’s respective graduate school. Students seeking additional funding through their school can contact their specific graduate school contacts to determine eligibility criteria.  Go to References and Resources and see the School Financial Aid Contacts in the right column.
  • Consider seeking outside scholarships. Typically if a student is awarded aid from an organization outside of NYU, the student's NYU aid is not directly affected. For more details on how to apply please see Scholarships and Grants from Other Organizations.