Financial Aid Award

When you are officially accepted as a student at New York University, we will send information about your financial aid package to you. It will describe the types and amounts of aid offered to you for the school year. 

Your financial aid package could be made up of aid from various sources like scholarships, grants, loans, and Work-Study.

You can access your financial aid award information through Albert, where it is kept current. You’ll be able to look at your financial aid status, view your financial aid award, and check for updates and messages. 

Generally, the amount of aid you receive in your first year as a student is the amount you will receive in following years, as long as you remain eligible for aid. Maintaining satisfactory academic progress is part of staying eligible for federal aid, and in some cases, NYU scholarships.

Next Steps and How You’ll Receive Your Aid

If you are using subsidized or unsubsidized Direct Loans or Graduate PLUS Loans from the federal government, you will need to accept the desired loan(s) on Albert through the Accept/Decline Financial Aid link and follow the given instructions.

If you are borrowing these types of loans for the first time, you will need to:

  • Log in to your student account via using your student FSA ID.
  • Sign the Subsidized/Unsubsidized Master Promissory Note by clicking “Complete Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note)” and choosing the option “MPN for Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan” or “PLUS MPN for Graduate/Professional Students.”
  • Complete the online Undergraduate or Graduate Entrance Counseling Sessions.

After you have completed these steps, your loan(s) will be released to New York University to be applied to your bills. We will also apply all NYU scholarships and grants directly to your bill.

Deferring Admission

If you need to defer enrollment at New York University, you may still be eligible to receive your financial aid package. 

You can still expect to receive the New York University portion of your package if you’ve been approved to defer enrollment for a year. However, you must fill out a new FAFSA for the upcoming academic year in order to secure any scholarships that were initially offered. Your FAFSA will be reviewed for current financial aid eligibility.

If you are approved to defer enrollment for a second or third year, you must reapply for all types of financial aid by February 15 for the upcoming academic year to be reviewed for both scholarship and, if applicable, federal aid eligibility. Your initial aid package will no longer be available.

Learn more about financial aid and deferred admission.

Renewing Your Aid Each Year and Paying Your Bill

While a student at New York University, you must complete the FAFSA each year you attend to remain eligible for your federal financial aid package. The recommended filing date for the FAFSA is May 1 for aid to be applied to the following academic year.

Learn about renewing your aid.

You can learn more about how payment works and payment plans through the Bursar’s Office.