U.S. Federal Work-Study (New York campus only)

Your New York University financial aid package may provide Work-Study eligibility in addition to scholarships and loans.

If you’re eligible to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program, you will be given a set amount of money you can earn through approved jobs that provide you with 15 to 20 hours of work each week. Work-Study jobs are not guaranteed.

Your Work-Study earnings will be paid directly to you on a bi-weekly basis. Generally, these earnings are used for books, transportation, and personal expenses.

Work-Study is available at some, but not all, Study Away locations.

Applying for a Job

New York
You can find eligible jobs through the Wasserman Center for Career Development. Jobs are available (but not guaranteed) across departments and organizations. You can begin to use the center after paying your tuition deposit.

Eligible students should apply for the Work-Study positions in which they are interested. Most positions require an interview. If hired for a Work-Study position, you will be paid an hourly rate out of your Work-Study award.

The center can also help you find on-campus positions not paid through federal Work-Study.

Abu Dhabi and Shanghai
There may be on campus jobs (non federal) available at our Abu Dhabi and Shanghai campuses:

NYU Abu Dhabi Career Development
Email: nyuad.career@nyu.edu
Phone: +971-2-628-4141

NYU Shanghai Career Development
Email: shanghai.careerdevelopment@nyu.edu
Phone: 021-20595300