Director's Statement

For eons, Accra has welcomed foreigners by land, sea and air to the center of the earth for commerce, scholarship, and tourism with the sheer hospitality that Ghana is famous for. She is a vibrant city with historical treasures, like the numerous forts and castles that line the Atlantic seashore, sharing space with 21st century architectural wonders. All alongside canoes from traditional Ga fishing communities.

When Ghana became the first nation south of the Sahara to wrest its independence form Britain in 1957, it paved the way for other African nations to break free from colonial domination. Accra then began to solidify her role as the gateway to West Africa, for business, technology and tourism. This exciting city now boasts world class hotels, restaurants, malls and top-notch entertainment that multitude of first-time visitors to Africa indulge in.

Since 2004, New York University Accra has welcomed students seeking to enhance their global education with multiple course offerings in the humanities and social sciences, taught by internationally acclaimed African scholars. Immersion among the indigenes and strong academic internships are hallmarks of studying with us. A term in Accra gives students opportunities to bolster their classwork with volunteer stints at micro finance organizations, orphanages, healthcare organizations and much more. Our courses in film and journalism have been consistently sought after over the years.

Studying at NYU Accra, exposes students to a truly global education unlike anyplace else in the world. From the history of the great Ashanti and Dagbon kingdoms, to the stability of a modern day democracy with routine peaceful transitions of power, to vibrant film and music scenes, Ghana has something for every scholar. Those with an interest in the visual arts, the dramatic arts, global public health, gender equality, education and business have found Ghana to be ideal for research and scholarship.

Our NYU Accra Global Academic Center facilitates research collaborations, conferences, workshops, seminars and more between NYU faculty and regional counterparts. Please do follow us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook

We can’t wait to welcome you.

Chiké Frankie Edozien.

Arthur L. Cater Journalism Institute, New York University N.Y.
Affiliate faculty of Social and Cultural Analysis Department of NYU, NY
Director, New York University Accra

Headshot of NYU Accra Director, Frankie Edozien

NYU Accra Director, Chiké Frankie Edozien

Upcoming Application Deadlines

Fall Semester

Priority: February 15

Regular: March 15

Applications received after March 15 will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Admission will be granted only when space is available and time allows for required travel documents to be attained.   

Facilities & Services

Located in Labone, one of the most beautiful residential areas of Accra, the NYU Academic Center is only a few minutes walking distance from your residence and is where the administrative offices and classrooms are located. All of your NYU classes will be held there. The center is equipped with a small library and a computer lab. You can bring your laptop and connect via Ethernet or a wireless network or use the computers at the lab to communicate with relatives and friends back home. Outside of the center, you'll have access to exceptional academic and cocurricular resources in Accra and the surrounding area, including the University of Ghana-Legon Balme Library with its rare African studies book collection, the W. E. B. Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan-African Culture, and the National Museum, to name a few.

The administrative staff at the center will advise you during your stay, and the full-time student affairs staff will help you navigate the city and its services, travel with you, and introduce you to local customs and the rhythms of daily life. The NYU Accra staff organizes a number of activities to help you become an active part of the community and experience Ghanaian life in interesting, fun, and profound ways. A schedule of events is posted at the center to keep you up to date with all planned activities and additional travel opportunities.