Study with West Africa's Leading Scholars

Students at NYU Accra have the unique opportunity to enhance coursework relevant to their majors with enrollment at the University of Ghana-Legon, where they may take up to two courses while studying alongside West Africa’s top students. NYU’s academic center in suburban Labone offers courses in the arts, literature, communication, journalism, media, anthropology, history, politics, global public health, and sociology taught by local professors and visiting faculty from New York.

Many NYU Accra students intern and take part in community service with NGO’s, local businesses, and philanthropic groups, helping them to understand social entrepreneurship in a fast-developing city. Numerous co-curricular travel opportunities introduce students to the diversity and complexity of West African culture. Whether learning Twi, the city’s local dialect, or embracing local West African culture, students at NYU Accra are rewarded with an unparalleled intellectual and cultural experience.

Partnerships & Affiliations

The following NYU departments are key contributors to the NYU Accra curriculum. Partnerships indicate departments with a significant curricular stake. Affiliations indicate the offering or development of at least one course.


College of Global Public Health
Faculty of Arts & Science
    Social and Cultural Analysis
    (Metropolitan Studies and Africana Studies)
    Comparative Literature
    Education Studies
    Teaching and Learning


Faculty of Arts & Science
    Art History
    College Core Curriculum
    Creative Writing

Social Work

    Art and Art Professions
    Food Studies
    Occupational Therapy