All student outreach materials produced by the Office of Global Programs are available for download on this page as accessibility compliant PDFs. If you are interested in receiving hard copies of materials once the Office of Global Programs returns to regular in-person operations, please email

Site Summary Sheets

NYU and Visiting Students*

A site summary sheet provides a one page overview of locations within NYU's global network.  

*Visiting students are ineligible for NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU London

3 Easy Steps to Study Away

NYU Students Only

This single page flyer provides guidance to students who haven't decided on a study away location and are just starting to explore their opportunities.

Global Experiential Learning Flyer

This multi-page flyer provides guidance to students who hope to explore experiential learning and internships at global sites.

Adviser Flyer for Visiting Students

Visiting Students Only

Similar to the 5 Easy Steps, this one page flyer introduces non-NYU students to opportunities within NYU's global network.

Scholarship Postcard

NYU Students Only

In addition to having their financial aid package travel with them to a study away location, there are additional financial aid and scholarships NYU students can consider when studying away. Students are automatically considered for internal awards. External awards require an application.

Department Flyers

NYU and Visiting Students*

The department flyers show students in a specific academic department where in the global network they can study to take courses in their major or minor. In some cases multiple subject areas have been consolidated into one publication.

*Visiting students are ineligible for NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU London.

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