Enhance your study away experience with a part-time internship! Interning while studying away is an invaluable experience. It will provide you an additional opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and be exposed to global professional practices that will impress future employers.

Explore this webpage to learn more about undergraduate study away internships across NYU’s global network. This Study Away Internships and Part-Time Work chart provides a snapshot of the wide array of opportunities available at each site. For a more in-depth overview, watch this webinar

The below links provide information about formal for-credit and non-credit internship programs. If you have questions about pursuing an independent internship or part-time work opportunity, please email



When deciding whether or not to intern while studying away, it is important to keep the following factors in mind:  

For-Credit and Noncredit

Internship placements that are accompanied by course work are considered for-credit opportunities and are taken for four credits. Internship placements are often guaranteed for those participating in academic internship programs. In these instances, the placement is considered a required co-requisite of the academic credits earned.

Noncredit internship placements have more flexible time commitments. Students often source their own noncredit placements; however, some sites have more formal noncredit internship programs. Certain types of paid and unpaid work may be prohibited based on visa requirements.  

Visa Regulations

Visa regulations and costs vary by country. Some countries require a special visa for students to intern, work, or volunteer abroad. If you are planning to intern abroad, contact the NYU Office of Global Services to begin the visa application process at  

Cost of Local Transit

Internship placements may require you to commute to the location of the organization. You should be prepared to pay for the cost of local transit whether that is via mass transportation such as bus/subway/metro, or local car/taxi. etc  

Application Process

The NYU Global Internship program is competitive, and students must submit an application to participate in all NYU global internship programs. Applications for internships require a résumé review by a career coach at the Wasserman Center. Be mindful of program deadlines.

NYU Students - You must submit a study away application prior to applying for the Global Intenship Program. Please visit the NYU Study Away Apply page to get started.

Visiting Students - You must submit a study away application prior to applying for the Global Intenship Program. Please visit the NYU Study Away Apply page to get started.


Time Commitment

The academic internship programs at most sites require students to intern up to 20 hours per week and participate in a weekly seminar. Placement opportunities at each site vary.

Language Requirement

The academic internship programs in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, Madrid, and Paris require knowledge of the local language. The more advanced your language skills are, the more opportunities will be available to you. Consider taking language classes before you study away.