Choosing to study away is one of the best decisions a student can make, and we are thrilled to provide support to students who are preparing for a semester of new experiences, cross-cultural immersion, academic rigor, and significant personal growth.

Please talk with your student about studying away. Though we do everything we can to make the study away experience educationally and personally rewarding, the single best thing you can do to get your student ready is discuss what it means to be in a new city, country, and culture. Things will be--and should be--very different from what they are used to at home. The pasta may be fresher, but the bedrooms might be smaller, the music louder, the internet access less reliable… we could go on. But the net result is that studying away opens up a world of opportunity and cultural difference to students. Encourage them to dive into it, of course, but also make sure that they're prepared for the realities of a different culture, with different expectations, attitudes, and customs.

A webinar with NYU's Office of Global Programs was held to help parents and guardians gain a better understanding of NYU's global programs. You can view the recording of the session here.


The Family Member's Role in Study Away

Families form an integral part of the study away experience by supporting their student’s choice to embark on this academic and life-enriching endeavor.  Here are some specific ways to show support and be involved in the process:

  • Make sure your student is on top of their visa paperwork. Detailed information can be found on the Office of Global Services Visas for NYU Study Abroad website in addition to personalized advice that is shared with students through the Study Away Enrollment Portal.
  • Assist with flight arrangements. Students are encouraged to book through NYU's partner, Egencia. Talk with your student about their plans and visit NYU Traveler for more information.
  • Develop a plan for communicating during the term away and discuss how you will handle family emergencies that may arise while your student is away.
  • Once approved to enroll for a study away semester students are directed to a unique enrollment portal with an online checklist to help them complete necessary tasks on time. Remind your student to stay on top of their requirements.
  • Review the other resources found on this page and contact us with any questions ahead of your student's planned semester away.

Global Health and Wellness

All students studying with NYU Global Programs at locations based outside of the U.S. are enrolled at no additional cost in international health coverage through GeoBlue.

In addition to GeoBlue, all students are expected to maintain valid domestic health insurance over the course of their semester away. Students usually maintain the domestic insurance coverage that is offered through either their home institution or their parent/guardian’s insurance plan. GeoBlue is valid only for the dates of your study away program.

Visit the Global Health and Wellness page for a breakdown of health requirements, medical services, and mental health services for each location within NYU's global network.

Student Timeline

The following timeline represents a typical fall and spring semester. Adjustments implemented during the pandemic may not be reflected. Students should always refer to their online checklist and communications from the Office of Global Programs for the most current information.

Spring Semester Study Away

Fall Semester Study Away

Resources for Family Members

The links below offer helpful information on many topics regarding study away.  These  materials discuss ways to help students transition to life away and plan for appropriate physical and mental health care overseas. You'll notice a common theme--that your child's safety and well-being are our top priority at all times.

Other Useful Resources

Sending Packages Abroad

One final note: if you're planning to ship packages abroad, please pay special attention not only to shipping costs, but also to possible taxes that you son or daughter will have to pay when picking up your care package.  These costs vary dramatically and the laws governing them change frequently, so it's best to ask your shipping carrier of choice for more information.

Contact Us

Family members/care givers are welcome to e-mail the New York-based student services staff at and we'll be sure to answer your question promptly. If your student is a Liberal Studies freshman we welcome you to e-mail with your questions. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, EST.