At NYU Global Academic Centers, students have the incomparable opportunity to experience the culture of a foreign city firsthand with access to some of the country's most influential politicians, top journalists, distinguished musicians, and accomplished scholars. The curriculum offers content courses that explore the history, culture, and economy of the city.

NYU may already have approved certain courses offered for major or minor credit. Course equivalence charts are available for every semester. Please review them carefully. Helping advisees keep track of their academic progress—satisfying requirements, maintaining an adequate GPA, accumulating sufficient credits—is a basic part of the adviser’s job. Discussing your student’s progress avoids major problems later in the program, and shows them that you care. You should instruct students to check the statement of their academic progress through Albert—NYU’s online student information system—before coming to see you, or while they are in your office.

NYU's administrative staff and faculty in the destination city will help your student find their way around the city, as well as support them academically. Of course, NYU encourages all students enrolled abroad to remain in contact with their home adviser during their semester away from campus if they have any specific academic questions or concerns.

Study Abroad Advisers from Other Schools

NYU Global Programs enjoys working with students and study abroad advisers from colleges and universities throughout North America. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to better accommodate you or your students. Services we are happy to provide you include:


Program Calendars

Dates for the semesters vary. The calendars at NYU's Global locations may start earlier or later than NYU in New York due to program orientations and the observance of local holidays. The number of classroom hours, however, is the same at all locations. The arrival dates, start of classes, and end dates, and important academic deadlines for the current semester at each global site can be viewed on the calendars page.