Initial planned courses for Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023 semesters are now available for you to browse on our webpages. Please note that global courses are available for registration during registration week at your registration appointment time. 

  • All courses taught at the global sites are approved by NYU faculty from New York, Abu Dhabi, or Shanghai and count toward degree requirements the same as if they were taught at a degree-granting campus.
  • Global sites are offering a number of remote available Summer 2022 courses. 
Summer 2022 Global Site Courses
See google spreadsheet of all summer courses here or navigate by site to view courses.

Who can take global courses?

  • For the Summer and Fall 2022 semesters, students may register for remote available global site courses from multiple locations (as well as those offered by their home campus) without applying to study away. 
    • All global site courses listed as “blended” or "online" mode in Albert are available for students to choose to take either in-person or fully remotely. Students must attend the course during the listed meeting pattern in Albert (100% synchronously). 
    • Please check with your home school advisor for any school-specific restrictions.

For questions or assistance with global site courses, please email