NYU's Global Academic Centers offer a wide variety of course offerings from undergraduate departments across the University. The academic policies below have been developed to give students as consistent an experience as possible across NYU's global network. Due to differences in location and culture, some academic policies may vary from site to site. Students should always adhere to local policies as presented at orientations and posted in handbooks and other resources.  In addition, some policies differ depending on the student's home school, therefore students should also be sure to check their school’s website.

Academic Requirements for Study Away Students

Important Academic Deadlines

Students should refer to the deadlines posted on their Global Academic Center Calendar, accessed via the dropdown menu below:


Students may change their course registration on Albert through the first two weeks of each fall and spring semester. The Drop/Add deadline is noted on each Global Academic Center's calendar. After the Drop/Add deadline, students will receive a "W" on their transcript when withdrawing from a class. (See Withdrawing from a Course.)

Pass/Fail Declaration: Forms and Procedures

Students should follow the procedures listed below in order to declare the pass/fail option for a course while studying away at a Global Center.  Pass/Fail requests must be submitted by the deadline noted on each Global Academic Center Calendar.  (Students are subject to the pass/fail policies of their home schools; thus, posted deadlines have been set in accordance with home school policies. Please note, however, that Global Programs requires all students to take their required language course for graded credit.) It is highly recommended to consult your academic advisor before declaring the pass/fail option. For information on finding your advisor please visit the Finding Your Advisor webpage.

Withdrawing from a Course

After the Drop/Add deadline (the end of the second week of courses), withdrawing from a course will result in a "W" on your transcript. Requests to withdraw from a course, with a "W" on your transcript must be submitted by the last day to withdraw from a course deadline noted on each Global Academic Center's Calendar. For instructions on how to submit a withdrawal request via Albert please consult the Request Class Withdrawal page on the Registrar's website. If making a class withdrawal request you should always consult with your academic advisor to be sure you are fully aware of the implications of receiving a "W" on your transcript, and to inform them of your current academic progress. For information on finding your advisor please visit the Finding Your Advisor webpage.

Complete Semester Withdrawal

Students wishing to withdraw completely after arriving at their host Global Academic Center must first consult staff in either academic life or student life at their host center and must also be in touch with their home school academic advisor. Please note that only enrolled students are allowed to remain in NYU housing. Students wishing to cancel their attendance before arrival should contact their Study Away Advisor or global.admissions@nyu.edu. Students wishing to withdraw from courses with a "W" on their transcript must adhere to the Withdraw with a "W" deadline noted on each Global Academic Center's Calendar.

Tuition Refund Policy and Schedule

Global Academic Centers run on individual calendars. While the refund policy is consistent across NYU, dates vary by location.

Fall and Spring Tuition Refund Schedule

  • Withdrawal through the site's offical first day of classes: 100% of Tuition and Fees
  • Through the end of the first calendar week of classes: 100% of Tuition only
  • Second calendar week of classes: 70% of Tuition only
  • Third calendar week of classes: 55% of Tuition only
  • Fourth calendar week of classes: 25% of Tuition only
  • After the fourth week of classes: No Refund

Study Away Housing Refund Schedule

Read about the procedure to cancel from housing on the Housing Information page.

Tuition Refund Policy for Individual Courses

Students studying away are required to take a full course load (between 12-18 credits) and pay full time tuition.  Tuition charges for full time students remaining between 12-18 credits will not be affected by dropping a course. Those students who are enrolled in more than 18 credits and wish to drop down to between 12-18 credits will receive a 100% refund of Tuition and Fees if they drop during the first two weeks of the semester.  There is no refund if a course is dropped after the first two weeks.  Please note that the study away semester begins with the First Day of Classes listed on the site calendars.  Each calendar week is counted beginning with the First Day of classes listed on the site calendars.

Tuition Insurance Refund Plan

Tuition Refund Insurance is available for families wishing to complement New York University's refund policy. More information is available on the NYU Bursar site.

Enrolling for over 18 points in the fall or spring semester

All students studying away at a Global Academic Center must be enrolled full time. A full time load at NYU is between 12 and 18 points. Students who wish to "overload" by taking more than 18 points during a fall or spring semester at a Global Academic Center must receive permission from the Office of Global Programs in addition to their home school. Please email fill out the Over-Enrollment Request Form found in your Study Away Portal after you've been admitted to study away. Your request will be reviewed in consultation with the Global Academic Center Director and your advisor. Please note that permission from the Office of Global Programs is in addition to any approval required by your home school. Please also note that overloading results in additional tuition and fees for most students. Further details can be found on the Bursar’s website.

Requesting a Transcript

Visiting students must request their NYU transcript from the NYU Office of the Registrar. Transcripts contain confidential academic information and are released in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), and therefore will not be issued without authorization from the student/alumnus.  The Office of Global Programs recommends that students request their transcript through the Albert student center.  Simply log on to albert.nyu.edu with your NetID, click on the Student Center, select transcript official from the drop-down menu, and follow the directions on the screen. (Former NYU Study Away students should still have a valid NYU NetID. Further information on requesting transcripts can be found on the NYU Registrar's Website. Tip: Before you complete your transcript request, check to ensure that all your grades have been posted. You can check for your grades in Albert by either selecting Grades or Transcript-Unofficial from the drop-down menu in the Albert student center.