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Course Evaluations

for Courses offered at NYU's Global Academic Centers

NYU's Global Academic Centers offer a wide variety of courses from schools and departments across the University. Student evaluations for these courses are administered online during the closing weeks of each semester. While the evaluation survey instrument can vary slightly based on the course location and sponsoring department, all surveys meet the guidelines set by the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee. A sample of the survey used until Fall 2016 can be seen here. Beginning in Fall 2016 Course Evaluations are being conducted in Albert SIS. For more information on this project please visit the Albert SIS Course Evaluations Webpage

Course evaluation results from the Global Academic Centers are available to the entire NYU community. The level of access to evaluation data varies depending on the user's role. Click the appropriate drop down menu below to access evaluation results.

From Fall 2012 to Spring 2016 NYU Global Academic Center Course Evaluations were conducted and reported using Smart Evals, a product of Gap, Technologies Inc.