The Eiffel Tower at night

2020 Program  

Summer in Paris is being offered as a remote experience, and currently available Paris focused courses are on this dedicated list and below. For courses that could not be offered remotely, there may be direct Washington Square-based equivalents, and NYU students may review offerings and register directly through Albert.

Students may now register for a single course (4 credits) if they wish, for two courses (total of 8 credits), or for an intensive (8 credit) course from any of our CAS Summer Abroad Programs. Please note that all course times will be held in EST.

Program Summary

NYU Paris was created  in 1969 as  part of the New York University Center for French Civilization and Culture. The NYU  Paris academic center is located within proximity of Paris' most renowned cultural, artistic, and academic institutions. The resident director, administrative staff, and faculty advise students during their stay in Paris. During the summer session, all undergraduates are housed in student residences in lively and historic neighborhoods. Experience the City of Light with its cultural richness, history, and vibrant daily life through this intellectually and aesthetically stimulating study abroad program.

"I loved getting the chance to practice my French in a Francophone country. The immersion helped my French tremendously."

View of the Arc de Triomphe

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Application Deadlines

*Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for summer 2020*

The program is now OPEN to all NYU students. Any student cleared to register for NYU Summer 2020 may do so for remote offerings directly via NYU Albert.

Contact Info

NYU Global Programs


t: (212) 998-4433

f: (212) 995-4103

Program Directors

Alfred Galichon, Director, NYU Paris (Paris); Professor of Economics and Mathematics, FAS Department of Economics and Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Ludovic Cortade, Director, CAS Summer in Paris (New York); Department of French Literature, Thought and Culture, Associate Professor

Tuition and Fees

The College of Arts and Science discounts CAS Summer Abroad tuition 33% to offset additional costs of study abroad. This discount is already calculated in the below rates. Fees, Housing and International Insurance are required, and these rates are set by NYU.

2020 Program Costs  

Undergraduate Tuition - 8 credits

Undergraduate Tuition - 4 credits



Undergraduate Registration Fees - 8 credits

Undergraduate Registration Fees - 4 credits



Program & Activities Fee  N/A

GeoBlue International Health Insurance

for 6 week program



Single Room

Single in Shared Suite

Double Room


PLEASE NOTE: Students are responsible for purchase of transportation to/from program location. All students participating in the program are required to live in NYU-provided housing.

Students are encouraged to budget for summer abroad programs based on individual needs. Additional resources for planning are available on the Additional Costs page.

View of the Louvre from the outside

Students sitting by the River Seine

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The undergraduate program in Paris provides a rich introduction to historic and present-day France through classroom studies and diverse extracurricular activities. Intensive French language classes, offered at all levels, are taught by instructors with native proficiency. The program is rounded out by courses in French culture and civilization, offered in both English & French, with a particular focus on the arts. All courses make use of the resources of the city with visits to museums, neighborhood tours, and other outings.

Students at the Louvre

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Undergraduate students must register for 8 credits. Students are encouraged to register for one 4 credit language course and one 4 credit content course. Motivated students may take an intensive 8 credit language or, if appropriate, two 4 credit language courses.

Undergraduates who request French language courses above the elementary level must provide proof of their language level with either an academic transcript, French AP or SAT II score, or NYU’s online French placement test. Visit the French Language Placement page for more information.

Language Courses

French Culture & Civilization Classes

Offered in English

Math Courses

Offered in English

Please check the CAS Bulletin to make sure that you meet course requisites for MATH-UA 140.

French Culture & Civilization Classes

Offered in French

Prerequisite: Conversation and Composition (FREN-UA 30), assignment by placement test, or permission of the department. Only students who have already taken or are currently enrolled in FREN-UA 105 may take these courses for French major or minor credit.

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Housing and Meals

All students must stay in NYU provided housing.  Participants in the summer undergraduate program are housed the Montsouris residence. Nestled between the 13th and 14th arrondisement, this residential neighborhood offers supermarkets and cafes, and the beautiful Parc Montsouris. There are multiple transit options for easy commuting to the NYU Paris academic center.

To learn more about housing facilities, please review the Office of Global Programs NYU Paris page. Please note that some of the information listed on this page is not summer specific.

View through Rue de la Huchette

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To enhance students' academic experience, NYU Paris offers a program of cultural activities that includes neighborhood walking tours, visits to world famous museums such as the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, and the Centre Pompidou, opportunities to explore what is up and coming as well as to attend such classical venues as the ballet, opera, and theatre. Students will have the opportunity to select the day trip of their preference, with possibilities Day trips further complete the cultural calendar: activities planned for 2020 may include excursions to Chartres, Giverny, or the D-Day beaches in Normandy.

Students studying art at a museum

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Planning Travel to Paris

Students are encouraged to consult internal and external resources to prepare for their summer program. The following links may be used for general destination information, immigration needs and travel medicine planning:

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Nadine Airout
Master 2, Université de Paris III
Teaching French as a Foreign Language

Valérie Berty
Ph.D., Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
French Literature

Cécile Cotté
Actor, Director, Playwright

Charles Coustille
Ph.D., EHESS - Northwestern University

Isabelle Coydon
D.E.A., Université de Paris III
Phonetics and French as a Foreign Language

Beth Epstein
Ph.D., New York University
Associate Director for Academic Affairs, NYU Paris

Elisabeth Molkou
Ph.D., McGill University
French Literature

Claire de Obaldia
Ph.D. Oxford University
Comparative Literature

Cécile Petit
Master 2, Université de Paris III
Teaching French as a Foreign Language

Laure-Caroline Semmer
Ph.D., Université Panthéon Sorbonne Paris I

Delphine Stafford
Master 2, Université de Grenoble III
Teaching French as a Foreign Language
Language Program Coordinator, NYU Paris

David Uhrig
Ph.D., Université de Paris VII

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Photo Gallery

The July Column in Paris

People lounging at a park

Neighborhood in Paris

View of the Eiffel Tower

People lounging at the Luxembourg Gardens

The Louvre at night

Architectural details in Paris

People having a picnic by the Seine

Statue outside the National Assembly

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