2021 Program   

Summer in Florence course offerings are being held remotely for summer 2021.

Available courses are on this dedicated list and are also reflected below. For courses that could not be offered remotely, there may be direct Washington Square-based equivalents, and NYU students may review offerings and register directly through Albert.

Students may now register for a single course (4 credits) if they wish, for two courses (total of 8 credits), or for an intensive (8 credit) course from any of our CAS Summer Abroad programs. Please make sure to check if your course times will be held in the New York (EDT) or Florence (CEST) time zone.

Program Summary

Students experience the splendor of the Italian Renaissance as they are exposed to the cultural wealth of Florence. World famous for its piazzas, palaces, churches, and museums, it is also close to the picturesque Tuscan countryside. The program organizes excursions within Florence and to other celebrated Tuscan and Italian cities.

“The academic program included excellent courses to fully enrich my experience in Florence. Courses used the city in an interactive manner and took full advantage of the city's history and language.”

View of the Florence Cathedral

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Application Deadlines

There is no application process for summer 2021. Any student cleared to register for NYU Summer 2021 may do so for remote offerings directly via NYU Albert.

Visiting students wishing to participate in courses will first need to apply to NYU 2021 summer session through University Programs. Following admission, visiting students will be directed to NYU Albert to register.

Contact Info

NYU Global Programs


t: (212) 998-4433

f: (212) 995-4103

Program Director

Stefano Albertini, Director, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò; Clinical Associate Professor, Italian Studies.  

Tuition and Fees

Program Costs 2021

Undergraduate Tuition - 8 credits

Undergraduate Tuition - 4 credits



Undergraduate Registration Fee - 8 credits

Undergraduate Registration Fee - 4 credits




Villa La Pietra at NYU Florence

Giotto's Campanile at the Florence Cathedral

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La Pietra is NYU's academic center for study abroad in Florence. Donated to the University by Sir Harold Acton, this 15th-century, 57-acre estate is graced by five villas, formal gardens, olive groves, and a priceless art collection. The estate is situated just outside the city center of Florence, a 20-minute walk or a 10-minute bus ride away.

The program offers Italian language courses at all levels as well as a variety of courses in fine arts, history, and literature. The program is designed to expose students to the rich cultural offer of the city of Florence, which serves as an extended classroom. When selecting faculty NYU Summer in Florence combines the best Italy has to offer with the best to be found in the United States. All speak English fluently.

Student having class outside on La Pietra grounds

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Content Courses Conducted in English

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Housing and Meals

Please note there is no housing or meals associated with Summer in Florence for summer 2021.

All students participating in the program are required to live in NYU-provided housing. Students reside on the estate grounds in Villa Natalia which is air-conditioned and includes a cafeteria, a computer lab, a student lounge, a small gym, and a laundry facility. The greater La Pietra facilities include multimedia-equipped classrooms, a screening room, two computer labs, a reference library, and a second cafeteria with terrace.

Housing rates are inclusive of breakfast and dinner daily in the Villa Natalia cafeteria. Students are responsible for their own lunches, snacks, and other non-program meal expenditures. Lunches are available for purchase on-campus at the Villa Natalia cafeteria.

To learn more about housing facilities, please review the Office of Global Programs NYU Florence page. Please note that some of the information listed on this page is not summer specific. 

Student reading on campus with a view of the Florence Cathedral

Student playing table tennis on campus

Student walking on campus

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Summer in Florence organizes activities designed to enrich the course curriculum, which may include a weekend excursion to Rome, guided tours of sites in Florence and of other Italian cities. The visit to Rome can include major museums and archaeological highlights. Students will also enjoy outdoor movie nights, pasta-making classes, concerts and performances, as well as other cultural experiences offered as part of the program.

Bridge at dusk

Florence loggia statue

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Planning Travel to Florence

Students are encouraged to consult internal and external resources to prepare for their summer program. The following links may be used for general destination information, immigration needs and travel medicine planning:

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Stefano Albertini

Stefano Albertini
Ph.D., Stanford University

Stefano graduated in contemporary Italian history form the University of Parma (Italy) and completed his graduate studies at the University of Virginia (MA) and Stanford (PhD). He has been at NYU since 1994 where he has taught courses both on Renaissance and Contemporary Italy. As Director of the Casa, he has interviewed and interacted with the major Italian directors, actors, and writers of the last two decades. He was at La Pietra with the first group ever of NYU students who studied at La Pietra in June 1994. He considers Florence his adoptive city and knows it throughly.

Roberto Scarcella-Perino
M.M, University of Bologna

Silvia Giorgi
Ph.D., University of Siena

Claudia Bucelli
Ph.D., University of Florence

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Photo Gallery

Students touring La Pietra gardens

Class held inside La Pietra

Students walking on campus

People rowing through the Ponte Vecchio

Villa La Pietra at NYU Florence

Students talking outside La Pietra

Students sitting at an outdoor table on La Pietra

Florence neighborhood at night

Students walking through La Pietra

Students touring La Pietra

Students meeting outside on La Pietra

Giotto's Campanile as viewed from the street

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