Professor Ertman with students at Museum Island

2020 Program 

Summer in Berlin is being offered as a remote experience, and currently available Berlin focused courses are on this dedicated list and below. For courses that could not be offered remotely, there may be direct Washington Square-based equivalents, and NYU students may review offerings and register directly through Albert.

Students may now register for a single course (4 credits) if they wish, for two courses (total of 8 credits), or for an intensive (8 credit) course from any of our CAS Summer Abroad Programs. Please note that all course times will be held in EST.

Program Summary

At CAS Summer in Berlin, students experience a cosmopolitan city that holds a complex and crucial place in modern European history. One can encounter this past not just in the city's many museums and in the memories of its inhabitants, but also in its architecture: the palaces of the baroque, rococo and romantic periods, the monumental government buildings and workers' tenements of the Wilhelminian Empire, the massive ministries and Olympic Stadium of the Third Reich, ruins from World War II, the showcase developments-and the Wall-constructed during the Cold War.

Today, Berlin is at a particularly exciting moment of transition, reclaiming its historical role as Germany's capital and as the political, cultural, and economic intermediary between Eastern and Western Europe. Massive construction projects reflect this development and offer some of the most exciting new architecture in the world. Berlin is a thoroughly modern but affordable city with outstanding museums and a lively theatre and music scene; it also has an efficient public transportation system, an international cuisine, and a vibrant nightlife.

"The program was the perfect balance of academics while making the most of the cultural and social factors Berlin has to offer."

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Application Deadlines

*Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for summer 2020*

The program is now OPEN to all NYU students. Any student cleared to register for NYU Summer 2020 may do so for remote offerings directly via NYU Albert.

Contact Us

NYU Global Programs


t: (212) 998-4433

f: (212) 995-4103

Program Director

Thomas Ertman
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology; Director, College Core Curriculum

Tuition and Fees

The College of Arts and Science discounts CAS Summer Abroad tuition 33% to offset additional costs of study abroad. This discount is already calculated in the below rates. Fees, Housing and International Insurance are required, and these rates are set by NYU.

2020 Program Costs  

Undergraduate Tuition - 8 credits

Undergraduate Tuition - 4 credits  



Undergraduate Registration Fees - 8 credits

Undergraduate Registration Fees - 4 credits



Program & Activities Fee  N/A

GeoBlue International Health Insurance

for 6 week program




Double with bunk beds



PLEASE NOTE: Students are responsible for purchase of transportation to/from program location. All students participating in the program are required to live in NYU-provided housing.

Students are encouraged to budget for summer abroad programs based on individual needs. Additional resources for planning are available on the Additional Costs page.

Statue in front of the Berlin Museum

View of Museum Island

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Built around Berlin's rich culture, students are immersed in the life and language of the city. For those interested in language study, Summer in Berlin offers German courses at all levels of instruction, based on sufficient enrollment per course. In addition, content courses provide students with the option of exploring through walking tours and site trips both the historical past and exciting present of Germany’s capital, of delving into the city’s exciting interwar art scene, or of gaining a uniquely German perspective on terrorism.

Study of German language is recommended, but not required.  Students can choose to take two content courses taught in English. Please note that there are classes held on Fridays.

The NYU in Berlin academic center in the KulturBrauerei is a converted former brewery complex in the district of Prenzlauer Berg. It is a multi-story building featuring classrooms, offices, art studio space, a lounge and a computer lab.

Students in a museum

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All undergraduate students must register for 8 credits.

Language Courses

Content Courses

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Housing and Meals

All students participating in the program are required to live in NYU-provided housing. Housing is located in NYU’s newly opened residence in Kreuzberg, just around the corner from Checkpoint Charlie in an emerging art scene neighborhood studded with galleries. CAS Summer in Berlin housing does not include a meal plan.

To learn more about housing facilities, please review the Office of Global Programs NYU Berlin page. Please note that some of the information listed on this page is not summer specific.

Neighborhood in Kreuzberg

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Aside from excursions in and around Berlin, students will visit Weimar and Leipzig, and they will enjoy an overnight trip to Prague. In Prague, students will explore the traces of three cultures-Czech, German, and Jewish-on a three-day weekend.

Student in a museum

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Planning Travel to Berlin

Students are encouraged to consult internal and external resources to prepare for their summer program. The following links may be used for general destination information, immigration needs and travel medicine planning:

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Thomas Ertman

Thomas Ertman
Ph.D., Harvard University
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sociology Director of CAS Summer in Berlin

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Photo Gallery

View of the Gendarmenmarkt

Students inside the Reichstag

Student at the residence hall

Colorful buildings in Berlin

The Gendarmenmarkt at night

Inside the Reichstag

Students outside Museum Island

Student on museum steps

Food in Berlin

View of the Reichstag

Flags at Technische Universitat

Students on a tour by the Spree River

Student at the residence hall

View of the East Side Gallery

Detail of the NYU Berlin building

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